Business Collaboration

-Are you a business and want to team up with us for a giveaway or promotion of your products?

We would love to help promote your brand and grow your following, but will also be looking for businesses that are along the same style as Highway 3, bright, modern and fun products!


-Once approved, we would do a shop credit swap to actually obtain the goods we would be promoting, and same for you. We then would each take photos of our products together and decide which one we will use in our post.

-We will then communicate through email to schedule our giveaway.

-Must have Great Pictures : We want businesses similar to Higway 3, with a love for style, color, home decor, kids, or just a great eye for photography ( or a photographer to help you out!) and pictures with GREAT lighting!

Highway 3 / @shophighway3 must be tagged in all photos as well as use hashtag #shophighway3 and we will do the same and tag your shop.

-You would be giving us permission to use the photos you send us for Highway 3 to use on our website/ social media outlets or any other advertising.
: If you have a professional photographer- a photo release will be needed to be sent as well giving us permission to use the photos : Please email to

**If you think you are not able to commit to the terms above, please email us and we can hopefully work out a way to work together in the future. Email :

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