Sacred Resistance and Call of Action
Bishop Hee-Soo Jung and Full Cabinet
Wisconsin Conference
The United Methodist Church

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ,

Out of the ashes of General Conference 2019 arise sacred resistance of the undersigned clergy and laity in the Wisconsin Conference. The following is a response to Bishop Hee-Soo Jung’s public statements regarding General Conference 2019.

You wrote public declarations asserting we are divided over beliefs about human sexuality. You say, “We are not in a healthy place, we continue to do harm to our collegial covenant and our LGBTQIA+ brothers, sisters and siblings, and we are a wounded, divided body.” We agree.

You assert that perhaps through the 2019 Special General Conference, God revealed to us that we may not be ready or in a place within our denominational life for this big decision about inclusion of LGBTQIA+ people in the full life of The United Methodist Church.

You indicate it would be easy to say we failed at General Conference. We did fail. We have failed as a church at every General Conference since 1972. Harm done, repeatedly.

You lift our need for a Savior and God’s healing grace. You implore us to understand that God is still God, and to trust that God is not finished with us yet and to believe that God has great plans for us as an inclusive church.

During this Lenten season, you invite us to breathe, pray, grieve, talk and be proactive.

Bishop and Cabinet, we have breathed in what seems a privileged discipline of relative ease while we know our LGBTQIA+ siblings have panted with exhaustion the race we let them run alone. We lament.

We have prayed in community while our LGBTQIA+ siblings have prayed in isolation, not trusting they could be authentic in their personhood with the full body. We lament.

We have grieved for the church of our baptism while our LGBTQIA+ siblings have grieved their second-class status. We lament.

We have talked around the “issue,” allowing our privilege and silent support to cause detrimental harm to our LGBTQIA+ siblings as we perpetuate further exclusion in the church. We lament.

We lament and grieve the deep harm inflicted on LGBTQIA+ people while some of us stood silent.

Until now.

We repent that our silence and inaction has done harm to our LGBTQIA+ sisters, brothers and siblings who have been labeled as “incompatible” with the depth and breadth of “Christian teaching.” We stand in opposition to any further harm.

We follow the scriptural revelation of Jesus and reaffirm our baptismal vows to accept the freedom and power God offers us to resist evil, injustice and oppression in whatever forms they present themselves.

Therefore, we refuse to accept The United Methodist Social Principles’ assertion that “homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teaching.” There has never been a clear demonstration of this assertion in the way the Book of Discipline calls for our theological method or the rubrics of the Wesleyan Quadrilateral. Harm done. Instead, we affirm human love and sexuality as part of God’s good creation and reject the blanket exile of one expression of love and sexuality. We reject the narrow expression now enshrined in the Social Principles’ as ignoring the full embrace of scripture, refusing theological developments that inform contemporary Christian teaching, rejecting the incorporation of agreed upon scientific research and its reasoned conclusions regarding human sexuality and denying breadth of experience we share together of the expressions of love in a Christian understanding, especially the experience of LGBTQIA+ siblings.

We refuse to accept a hierarchy of sin that results in categorical discrimination. Harm done. Instead, we affirm that all people are in need of God’s prevenient, justifying and sanctifying grace.

We refuse to accept the restrictive language of the Book of Discipline that interferes with the work of the Holy Spirit calling people into covenants of love through marriage. Harm done. Instead, we affirm the authority granted at ordination to join any two people in union with one another and Christ through the holy covenant of marriage.

We refuse to accept any restrictive language in the Book of Discipline that interferes with the work of the Holy Spirit calling people into set-apart ministry as clergy. Harm done. Instead, we call upon the Wisconsin Annual Conference District Committees on Ministry and Board of Ordained Ministry to continue to affirm those called by God into ordained and licensed ministry and to assess candidates based on high standards of fitness, readiness and effectiveness.

We refuse to accept the restrictive language in the Book of Discipline that interferes with your charge to publicly affirm people called to ministry. Harm done. Instead, we affirm your authority to consecrate, commission and ordain all qualified and elected candidates for ministry.

We refuse to accept any actions of The United Methodist Church or the Wisconsin Annual Conference that impede the ability of God’s beloved children to express their giftedness as part of the body of Christ. Harm done. Instead, we will lead with conviction and ongoing sacred resistance to avert evil, injustice and oppression in any form. We ask you to join us and claim your charge to be a prophetic voice for justice.

We implore you to lead us into being a radically inclusive church, fully affirming LGBTQIA+ people, which we understand as the promise of the incarnation. We need leaders who are willing to risk their own comfort on behalf of those who are suffering. We will accept nothing less than bold, prophetic leadership that celebrates the gifts and loves of all God’s people.“Justice will never come until the most marginalized LEAD the conversation.” It is time to be prophetic listeners to those most impacted by the harm done, our LGBTQIA+ siblings. We encourage your personal discernment about your readiness to lead this movement and prayerfully request you seek a different appointment should you not be ready.

Each of us has measured the institutional challenges and risks as well as our own capacity and calling to engage what we believe has been set before us. As our leaders, in this critical hour we prayerfully call upon you to model and exemplify your own discernment and commitment to bold action that will be necessary to fulfill the full purpose and inclusive nature of the church and resist the forces arrayed against it. The challenge we offer is rooted in our own prayerful discernment and commitment to the vision and purpose of the church in a Wesleyan spirit.

We delight in the power of the Holy Spirit to chart a way forward that is fully affirming of all people. We enjoy the gift of Christ’s redemption and daily renewal of life. We relish in the love of God that holds us tightly as we move forward in doing good. We commit to following the Spirit’s lead. Will you join us?

Rev. Krysta Deede
Rev. Susan Angus Haller, Deacon
Rev. Cathy Weigand
Amy K. Lemkuil
Rev. Sharon L. S. Cook
Mary Anne Balmer
Rev. Allie Scott
Lisa Jones
Kellen Roggenbuck
Kimberly J Wheeler
Larson Cook
Pastor Jen Barnet
Dr. Mary Lou Taylor
Eddie Crise
Natalie Albrecht
Anna Gilbert
Rev. Robb McClintock
Sheri Graeber
Rev. Douglas K. Clement
Reverend Claire Mather
Pastor Jason Mahnke
Kathy Smith
Rev. Rebecca Henry
Rev. Elizabeth Weed
Rev. Joan C. Frost
Janet Beitz
Rev. Mark Gilbert
Dianne Edson
Katie Woodrow
Rev. Dr. Laura Crosskey
Mrs. Linda Groth
Sara Rausch
Gina Mason
Gail Nelson
Brad Sherman
Melissa Arnston
Andrew Oren
Sasha Wisnewski
Rev. Andrew Jones
Ravi Roelfs
Rev. Cheryl Weaver
Rev. Breanna Illéné
Jeanne Heck
Katie Crise
MeLinda Ward
Darrin Wasniewski
Rev. Tina Itson
Jennifer L. Peterson
Rev. Joyce A. Rich
Bryn Lottig
Rev. Claudia J. Deede
Rev, Tina S. Lang
Sarah Parsons
Rev. Brad Van Fossen
Rev. Timothy Berlew
Carole Adams Johnson
Mara Schwartz
Ross Cowing
Kelly Kons
Joyce Dreyer
Reverend Dee Ann Woods
Pamela K. McCumber
Dr. Holly R Nash
Rev. Martin Park Hunter
Carol Klukaczewski and Jim Newton
Mrs. Holly Powers
Laurie Peterson
Dr. Brandon Miller
Rev. Dr. Mark A. Fowler
Rev Kevin Dembinski
Diane Fergot
Tyler E. Pease
Rev. Susan Lockman
Mary M Dohrman
Grace Newton
Dr. Ann Pleiss Morris
Rev. Cherie Forret
Ann Hamon
Rev. Dr. Grace Cajiuat
Marc Allen Bartušek
Rev. Janet Ellinger
Jane Crise
Peter Hamon
Rev. Kelly Renee’ Fowler
Bill Crise
Anna-Lisa Hunter
Keith Wolf
Andrea VanderMolen
Matt Kons
Rev. Heather L. Brewer
Thomas J. Lindahl
Youth Leader
Mary Babler
Amy E Schlotthauer
Jessica Gorsline
Mark Babler
Christopher Van Beek
Anne M. Allen
Marha Kulhavy
Rev. Stephen P. Scott
Judy Hansrn
Jennifer Schambow
Hyejung Hwang
The Rev. Jeremy Deaner
Tracy Maxwell
Rhonda Tessman
Gail Burgess
Janise Hollaway
Jacob Stukenberg
Heather Riefer
Anne S Ruark
Rev. Robert Eagle
Mandi Miller
Dr. Mary Ellen Murray, PhD
Rev. R. Ellen Rasmussen
Edward Gumbert
Rev. Sue Burwell
Jodi L. Parins
Marguerite Munroe
Benjamin Robert Nelson
Jeremiah Cottrell-Duebner
Ben Duebner
Carly kuntz
Jay E Smoke
Julie Brouton
Kennedy Maxwell
Kathryn Rhutasel
Kimberly A Bartusek
Rev. Carolyn Saunders
Starlyn Salemi
Mrs. Barbara J.A. Athas
Mr. James R. Athas
Ruth Getsinger
Rev. Dr. Stephen H. Getsinger
Korrine Olson
Virginia Patterson
Thomas Patterson
Mark Weaver
Mary McComb
Rev Ann Spindt Henshel
Harley Smalstig
Rev. Rebecca Neal Niese
Cecilia Wilson Holder
Laura Lee Flood
Rev. Joan Deming
Cindy Glocke
Carl Holmes
Stacy Ganzer
Merry Weiland
Afi Dobbins-Mays
Lee Ann Richards
Maddie LeBouton
Rev. Dr. Kate Croskery Jones
Larry Iverson
Cindy R. Peterson
Matthew S. Templeton
Rev. Jennifer Emert
Elizabeth Urpanil
Rev. William R. McBride
Diane Gemignani
Chris Herigstad
Robert Olson
Mary Messmer
Rev. Terri Koca
Diane Raspel
Rev. Janet Hartzell
Sarah Larson
Estella Clark
Dr. Jennifer E. Mihalick
Jill Ellinwood
Ruby Dow
Clarice B. Rosing
Betty Keepers
Sue Miller
Jeannie Berrall
Sally Cupery
Michael Weigand
Tiffany Barnet
Susan Regnier
Rev. Rick Haberland
Hans Regnier
Joyce M. Burgess
Bill Lockman
Rev. Susan Leih
Donna Hammett
Ann Herrold-Peterson
Aaron Weber
Abby Grimm
Brian Lutzow
Marilyn Smith
Christine Gaffney
Randall Smith
Rev. Cathy Christman
Mary Klein
Linda Whitelock
Victor Ponce
Chaplain Peter C. Capoyianes
Bret Woodland
Carrie Vujnovich
Robert Nash
Ji-Tae Park
Michelle Ogilvie
Debbie Carlson
Jennifer Rybarczyk
Rev. Fran Deaner
Mallory Moore
Rev. Jean Ehnert Nicholas
Nancy M. Deaner
Jason Barnet
Lenore Geisthardt
Janna Peterson, Dir. of Music Ministries
Rev. Jeffrey L. Nicholas
Jeanie Kurka Reimer
Keri Olson
Becky Le Bouton
Bobbi Foutch-Reynolds
Karen Lehner
Deb Pattee
Eric Iverson
Don Schultz
Cheryl Printz
Mary Paull
Naomi Wisnewski
Dr. Stephen Pattee
Heather Briscoe
Laura Ida
Rosella Jashinsky
Sandi Rexroade
Nate Schlotthauer
Rev Wendy Bair Christianson
Christy Skalecki
Janet Dow
Kim Shrake
Sue Geurkink
Karen Waddell
Tom Waddell
Jackie Tuell Joday
Dr. Noah R. Lottig
Bill Carlson
JoAnn Carlson
Chris Deaner-Rogers
Wendy Harrop
Leslie Adams
Katie Parsons
Mrs. Lina Mohr
Peggy Lund
Rita S. Clavadatscher
Gayle Ostrander
Rev. Dr. Ellen M. Williams
Rev. Forrest S. Clark
Claudia Whitney
Rita Wisnewski
Jillian Raasch
Samantha Aufderhaar
Rev Deb Burkhalter
Nancy Lockwood
Rev. Dr. Dawn Jeffers Ranstad
Harriet McGaffin
Ginger Hahn
Laura Wendt
Christy Nesja
Paul Fritsch
Pamela Garside-Meyers
Jim Hartman
Donna Taapken
Peter T Murray
Rev. Thomas Ostrander
Deborah Paul
Carolyn Millard
Mary Erickson
Lee Erickson
Sue Stanley Mortellaro
Mary Beth Scow
Michael H. McGaffin
Jim Reynolds
Gladys Daniels
Carolyn Dressler
Mike Dow
Bernie Daniels
Patricia Chritton
Bonnie DeBraal
Rev. Ty Hines
Andrew Wehrheim
Jackie Miller
Rev. Stanley Curtis
Marvelle Chapman
Robert E. Lohrey
Rita Lohrey
Larry Chapman
Christine Hansen
Rev. Robert B. Hays
Karen Burzinski
Gary Getzin
Rev. Donna R. Hays
Chrissy Graham
Jane Bailey Smith
Rev. Lu Kness
Diane Linstad
Anna Siferd
Gregory Lang
Rev. Kate Sweet
Martha Carolyn Good
Aaron Athas
Karen Lindsey
Robert Schmidt
Bob Scow
Rev. Debra Hastings
Rev. Dr. Gerald Morris
Joyce Rinehart
James Rivers
Rev Graham N. West
Susan Arnston
Jennifer Johnson
Mariette Amundson
Jack Emert-McKeown
Julie Hallam
Nicole Calverley
Jerry Cho
John Lutter
Julie A. McBride
Katelyn Masson
James Erickson
Jack and Kathleen Propp
Rev. Kory E. Douglass
Kimberly L. Brumm
Deborah Thompson
Rand Moore
Kevin Parker
Elizabeth Parker
Connie Ziegler
Becky Saliby
Kari Riley
William Richard Stout
Pam Harker
Pamela Pierre
Jack Kaufman, MD
Carl White
Debra Langacker
Mike Langacker
Jessica Gobel
Rev. Frank Gaylord
Marcia Flaherty
Curtis Langacker
Bonnie Malliet
Janelle Johnson
Janet Ray
Gary Morgan
Larry Burkhalter
Anne L. Weiland
Rev. Amy E. DeLong
Crystal Wheeler
Barbara Dick
John Pearson
Tessie Sharrow
Rev Susan Oeffler
Kathleen Mary Shrake
Eileen Bennett
Brenda Davis
DeeAnn Rambo
Emma Jones
Lara Marcheske
Becky Gochanour
Rev. Vicki G. Brantmeyer
Howard Brantmeyer
Nick Brantmeyer
Geb Lefeber
Katherine Rush
Marie L Severing
Richard D Severing
Elizabeth Severing Rosaldo
Cindi R. Ritter
Pat Jaquish
Ellen Penshorn
Rev. Maribel Celiz
John M Deitrich
Felicia Cory Lewerenz
Bob Weiland
Kent Penshorn
Rev. Rafael Cubilette, OSL
Donna Hofmann
Katy Gertz
Maggie Gertz
Kathy Holbrook
Rev. Jo Bierer
Marla Verdone
Terry Ketchpaw
Ann Deitrich
Laura Barry
Denise Halada
Matthew Mayeshiba
Kathy Carpenter
Arthur D Mathews
Elder Lynda Naatz Richter
Thomas R. Haller
Fritz Oppenlander
Mary A Bsker
Mary Beth Krause
Kaylee Piatt
Karen Pantzlaff
Rev Judith Christopher
Rozetta Hahn
Mary Hutton
Karen Alexander
Sandra Cardo Gorsucy
Karen Akers
AHyun Lee
Dorothy Peterden
Sharon Sigrist Wolter
Judith Zirbel
Milton Ford
Emily Ford
Janet Schewe
Theresa Amberson
Loretta K. Waegli
Michael LeBouton
Cameron Overton
Kathy Jennings
Hilary McElroy
Carla Von Haden
Patricia Gallus
Rev. Eduardo De La Cruz
Rev. Janis Blean-Kachigan
Cindy Stowe
Jaime Riefer
Janice I Gray
Rev. Ann E. Scott
Rev. David A. Hart, III, esq.
Karen Lubinski
E. Uehling
Steve Zekoff
Debbie Woeshnick
Jim Woeshnick
Ellie Parker
Kathleen Nuzzo
Heidi Gertz
Anna Bierer
Danielle Anderson
Mark J. Van Cleave
Cindi Ritter
Charlotte Kufahl
Katie Grooms
Penny Schmidt
Lara Beitz
Janet K. Brice
Laura Paris
Mallory McGuire
Claire Parsons
Rev. Jayneann Macintosh
Carol Harris
Sonia Genett
Andrew Illene
Ann Clare Schmitz
Ms Brenda Smith Tolbert
Katrina Hansen
Keith Schroerlucke
Bryan Burrma
Anne Vanderbloemen
Donna Sefton
Dwight L.Morgan
Judy DeLong
Neal and Candi Hutchinson
Catherine DeBoer
Audrey Hornby Nys
Patti Clifford
Mrs. Robin Jasinski
Joey Bohl
Rick Jasinski
Craig Hanson
Hanna Brewer
Shari Hanson
Rick Lange
Susanne Gardiner
Kathy Slesar
Dr. Carol J Compton
Jill Thiede
Dawn Jacobs
Judy Janke
Jan Lange
Keith Schroerlucke
Karla Kaphaem
Kathy Drinkman
Joel Siebentritt
Marleen Morgan
Stephanie Craig-Hanewall
Toni J. Marchese
Nancy Hacker
Peg Randall Gardner
Ellen Kupfer
Barbara Braun
Pamela Board
Heather Haile
Mary Volmer
Bethaney Campbell
Gary Board
Rev. Susan Amann
Barbara Mahr
Ann Frank
Jacey Lea
Rev. Marianne Cotter
Jordan Ames
Susan J Fowler
Karen O’Leary
Rev Harvey B Delery
Sean Douglass
Julia Butnick
Anna Skiles
Rev. Cindy Thompson
Kathryn A Dalton
Rev. Susan Bresser
Kristen Monday
Rev. Kris Androsky
Debborah Lohr
Paulette Board
Deborah Gamble
Becky Hoesly
David Gamble
Alicia Hogue
Mary Lainberger
Lindsey Marsh
Alan Hoesly
Hannah Hoesly
Shannon Frye
Rev. Mary Beth Byrne
Judith M Ellington
Ann Bass
Mrs. Jeanie Le Claire
Roger Howard
Christine C. Hayes
Debi VanDenBoom
Sue Ostergaard
Ann Dusterhoft
Mary Clark
Kathi West
Pamela DeNure Priewe
Rev. Tammy Clausen
Rev. K. Teena Rachel
Karen Ferguson
Barbara McComb
Ruth Hunter
Peg Heinen
Renae Boydston
Nicki Rasmussen
Rev Jonah Holm
Rev. Sarah Hart Johnsen
Michelle Minton
Tina Marie Wurtz
Beth Wendt
Marna Bonnell
Tim Toepel
Dave McComb
Glenn C. Hayes
Scott Lone
Bill Wade
Julia Lubinski
Tiffany McFadden
Roger Grace
Louise Sampson
Beth Staniforth-Seamster
Anne B Harris
Kristine M Hallisy
Cindy Noe
Steven Noe
Jennifer Olkowski
Joanne Mellema
Bruce Stowe
Dennis Moon
Virginia Moon
E Fillinger
Sandra Schroerlucke
Katelyn French
Mark Saltzman
Elliott Valentine
Mun Yuk Chin
Anne Thurber
Leslie Dahmen
Martin Brubaker
Steven Bloy
Darryl Jordan
Pat Evachenko
Irene Schckleford
Karen Mayeshiba
John Evancheckpo
Cari Chadwick
Jerry Tifft
Margaret J Clark
Alliey Thomas
Madeline Hafner
Tina Hatch
Cheryl Saltzman
Kristen Guetschow
Peg Heinen
Christina Marie Akers
Victoria wisthus
Rev Rocky Getters
Sarah Siggelkow
Charlie Siggelkow
Paula Loizzo
Joe Masterson
Henry Bresser
Pamela J Strahle
Wendy Casey
Barbara A. Enslin
The Rev. Arnold Enslin
Carol Ann Kucharski
Rev. Meg Lybeck-Smoak
Nicole Biessman
Jody Chong (Blaylock)
Amy Stettner
Lois Mueller
Daniela Sponseller
Susan McConnell
Emily Veto
Steven P. Dykstra
Andy McConnell
Mr. Noel Cook
Shirley Bigelow
Amy Dunphy
Sandy Dykstra
Marilyn Sprecher
Dave Stettner
Sydney Tidler
Rev. Quentin Meracle
Betty Speer
Gary Speer
Anne M. Plier
Stacy LaPrad
Sandra Auseth
Lucille Silvester
Suellen Cantrall
Dianne G. Weber
Ellen Mary Cook
Linda L Kleinhans
James and Carolyn Barthel
Dr. Eleanor B. Wilson
Nancy L. Spencer
Karen Klink
Carrol D. Spencer
Susan Lundeen
Dr. Natalie M. Collins
Trina Haase
Keegan Griesel
janiece zablotski
Constance Murphy
Charis Zimmick
Donald Nelson
Melvin Vance
Arlene Heaster
Rev. Linda Vance
Laura Fernandez
Myrna Kaufman
Bob Baker
Rev. Mary Balson
Mark S Miller
Bart Sponseller
Megan L. Ferger
Nicole Sponseller
Ellen Carlson
Karri Shill
Helen F. Findley
Elizabeth Conrad
Dr. Kathy Hartke
Emily Brantmeyer
Chris Bethke
Pam S Dickson
Bruce Koch
Rowland D. Klink Jr.
Leah Mott
Katie Wehrheim
Dave Carnahan
Cheryl Deininger
Ellen Carnahan
Terry Derleth
Diann Harle
Rev. Kathleen Jury
Shannon Michael Henry
Marilyn Eyster
Rachel Ruhland
Kathleen E. Swingle
Julie MillerC. Sky Fuller
Kristine Cameron
Mary Newton
Lana Raffensperger
Diane Rew
Jeremy Rasmussen
Emily Dalton Niles
John Budd
Sarah Niebergall
Joanne Budd
Kelli Endres
Becky Engebretson
Tom Twinem
Chris Scholtens
Kristine Kreuser
Marleen Morgan
Josh Larson
Linda Kulbeck
William Dieck
Barb Hallock
Rev. Greta Hietpas
Mrs. Peggy Holm
Margaret Blodgett
Dr. Laura Meverden
Leanette Joy Dieck
Linda Kehl
Kenneth Miller
Dennis Reimer
Pastor Mark Geisthardt
Bryan Ray
Kara Phillips
Rev. Tim Reimer
Lori Caswell
Ann Stein
Susan K. Schoenherr-Jones
Marthalee Callies (Marty)
Susan Rather
Barbara Solomon
Jean Butler
Nickie Bryant
Dilynn Kiefer
Randy Bryant
Glenn Schroeder
Dr. Krista Tweed
Douglas L.Clark
Thomas Radke
Jodi L. Capacio
Gerald Stein
Rev Sue Ott-Holland
Leanne Wentzel
Bill Remien
Patricia P Cox-Weisensel
Mrs. Jean Duginski
Nathan C. Miller
Connie Schroeder
Tasha Ellis-Tambornino
Ricki Mitchell
Helen Kurka
John Kurka
Mrs. Patricia Wilson
Sharon Wuest
Steven Holter
Bonnie Holter
Janice Nash
Bernadette Bellin
Mr. Loren G. Glasbrenner
Sara Kozeluh
Alyssa Schafer
Martha K Virchow
Robert J Pavlak
Betsy Krakauer
Jeff Virchow
Erica SanDretto
cynthia lena culbertson
Susan M McDougall
Rev. Wendee M. Nitz
Jennifer Friess
Mary Keepers
Katie Herringa
Dr. David Kozeluh
Sara Klawikowski
LuAnn Myers Pinelli
Ricky Howland
James Ostrander
David Atkins
Kimberly Kase Atkins
Rhonda Kosinski
Jennifer Dreikosen
Donald w. Solomon
Marilyn Remien
Diana Leonard
Judy Shuck
Richard Graeber
Leslie A Koch
Denise Wipperfurth
Rick Rausch
Lynn Binnie
Carita Twinem
Heike Taube
Donna Burkhart
Marlene Salek
Karen Augitto
Jan Diers
Meg Erickson
Cathy Duesterbeck
Mary B Mueller
David Bolz
Sally Harper
Rev. Gerry Harrison
Lyn Catlin
Nancy Twichell
Robert Stevens
Janet Stevens
Lynn Tosch
Joseph A. Augitto
William J. Simic
Michael H Jones
Jeffrey Tews
Mary Schiller
Greg Pennington
Terri Surrett
Martha Pennington
Jessica McCuskey Zahn
Ronda Kay Paul
Melody Kay Paul
Nancy Dull
Evelyn Woolpert
Dan Woolpert
Greg Krings
Nancy Krings
Laura Riemer
Patricia Swanstrom
Rev.Dr.Susan Patterson-Sumwalt
Patsy Vegter
Emily Keim
Jan Mattson
Paul Bratsch
Thomas A Gobel
Donita Stobaugh Gross
Josie Gobel
Jenny von Helms
Sue Claflin
Donna Allsup
Barbara l. Sharer
Doonald Sharer
Susan Brettingen
Scott Mc Dougall
Jeffrey Turmel
Kim Turmel
Gwendolyn L. Gibson
Ken Schmalz
Carrie Naumann Korb
Dale Hanaman
Nancy Hanaman
Bruce Heling
Danielle Schmalz
Catie Schachtely
Geraldine Seiser
Gilbert Tosch
Joanna Schachtely
Rev Dr Doug Dowling
Thomas Galloway
Sam Nail
Susan Hessner
James A Goulding
Dianne Kuehl
Siv Goulding
Pastor Cathy Hamblin
Lorry Sallee
Diana Ziegler
Heidi Gallup
Rev. Jack Stubbs
Dayna R. Brown
Euge R Isherwood
John W. Weihing
Judy Pier Lybeck
Rev. Justin Elliott Lowe, OSL
Robert Joseph Sandy
Mary Anne Gerlach
Rev. Dr. Don Francis
Madelyn Glaeden
Elizabeth Dempsey
Henrietta Michalek
Rev Richard Strait
Curt Campbell
Edward L. Ebert, DO
Azure Fudge Hart
Skip and Ellen Mazurek
Mary Rather
Rev. Mary M. Hedgcock
Pastor Allen Christensen
Debra Steege Kuehl
Hannah Ellerbee
Dr. Lynn Bennett Blackburn
Jane Deuster
Rev. Willard J. Jewson
Rev. William F. Helwig
Rev Harvey Delery
Michael Morning
Patricia Zealley
Janet Smith
Shelly Wheaton
Bill Dow
Loretta Dunn
Annette Helwig
Julie Burma
Gretchen Semler
Rev. Edwin R. foster
Joan E. Burk-Miller
Laura Courtright
Laura Berg
Laura Hargis
Evelyn Schneider
Sherrie S Orcholski
Patricia Witzenburg
Jeanne Halderson
Harvey Witzenburg
Helen Davig
Sue Page
Ed Weber
Marvin Ramsay
Candace Ramsay
Karen Rankin
Julie A. Gridley
Phyllis Stertz
Bethe Wiberg
Mary Lu Palmer
Danil L. BLumer
Noelle Mack
Robin Brandt
Philip Starr
Ann Ehlenfeldt
Rollin E. Gridley
Dick Bechtel
Patricia Bechtel
Rev. Lucretia A. Fehrmann
Pastor Wil Bloy
Cynthia K Bartel
Karen Stinemates
Diane Glodoski
Jan Emblidge
Kimberly Kelley
Ted Voigt
Leslie Haxby McNeill
Gretchen Voigt
Cynthia K Bartel
Kathy Sagehorn
J. DeBraal Arpke
Mrs. Susan Killey
Lisa Mayer
Alyssa Roberts
Ms. Joan M. Ketchum
Emily Carncross
Gordon Carncross
Stephen E. Webster
Linda j whitelock
Chang yong Shin
Kimberly Bockin
Deb Olufs
Louise Enge
De Lorman Enge
Gerald Krause
Joanne Krasselt
Irene Steinl
Rev. Ronald D. Retherford
Michael Steinl
David Ogden
Anne-Guri Eriksson
Howard Hintzman
Renee Means
Rev. Jo Bierer
Jacki Sharer Robertson
Shirley Marlice Finster
Lois Zember
Jeanne McGuire
Dr. Lucinda Buck Alwa
Perry G. Huyck
Debbie Huyck
Nancy McIntire Brown
Isaac J Brown
Carol J Metzger
Sue Ogden
Noah Mayer
Rev. Ron Kral
Loni Wendt
Carol Seeger Weber
Mary Millard
Sue Page
Kirsten and Mary Kay Francis
Sarah Huyck
Rev. Carolyn Hinshaw
Rev. David Hinshaw
Mary Amenson
Rev. David Guse
Carole Dannehl
Nancy Clarkin
Pastor Bill Morton
James Anderson, Ph.D
Kara Blumer
Laurence Nelson
Kathy Amundson-Forberg
Beth Burke
marilyn konkler
Miss Debbie Gonzalez
Elizabeth M. Merington
Jaclyn Wahlquist
Trevor Wahlquist
Brenda Yurs
Dr. Paul Rosso
Kathy Hilden
Sue Altschwager
David L. Phernetton
Kevin E. Caldwell
Kevin Jay Propp
Lisa Thompson
Alden Guberud
Christine K Engel
Elizabeth Guberud
Collette Brown
Terri Grimmer
Darlene MacBride
Les Webster
Rev. Sharon Langfeldt
Zane Heinselman
Susan Loeffler
Tara Heinselman
Ron Zirbel
Nancy C. Christiansen
Dr Virgil C Nylander, PhD
Valerie Zellmer
Jeanne Clark
David Towle
Susan Colbeth
Siri J. Smith
Janet R Nail
Margaret Downey
Jan Lorentz
Craig S Linnerud
Lisa Mink
Paul Hartke
Sarah L. Sibley
Mark Christopher
Sue Christopher
Rev. Stanley C. Curtis
Terry Sullivan
Julia Webster
Rose Rudesill
Andrew Rudesill
Billie LaBumbard
John Shuck
Greg Erickson
Sonia Holbrook
Linda Mead
Laura Carlson
John Widdifield
Tiffany Hoover
Mary Ann Dykes
Kerrin Frey
Kerrin Frey
Sandra l Bucklew
Lisa Aurand
Karn Winberg
Professor Kurt E. Leichtle, PhD
Daniel Keenan Gray
Timothy Frey
Dr. Amanda Barnett
Barbara Rasmussen
Darrel White
Dianne White
Dr. Fred Bannister
Dean R. Loney
Lynn Nelson
Patricia Nelson
Rev. Wendy Tate
Linda K. Isherwood
LueAnn Brenson
Dawn Goldschmitz
Phillip Sandro
Becky Briese
Daniel Briese
Maureen Ulbee
Richard Christiansen
Karen M. Bowes
Rev. John Strassburger, Ed.D.
Gwen M. Strassburger
Jeanne Zirbel
Lee Hill
Ann-Marie Parker
Linda Smith
Barb Gausman
Jacob C. Vorwald
Krista Spieler
Darlene A Arneson
Paula Condor
Deanna Arneson
James Condor
Shelley Koch
Marilyn M. Corlew, Ph.D.
Mark Dallner, CLS
Melvin W. Henrichs
Dianne and Darrel White
Len & Susan Sims-Mormino
Kay Mackie
Rev. Carol Hackbardt
Lisa King
Annika McClintock
Katherine R. Turk
Peggy A. Fischer
Suzy Clarkson Holstein
Wendy Tupper
Christopher Thompson
Mark Halderson
Rev. Frederick R. Surrett
Ruth Henrichs
Donna Veatch
John Duntley
Jennifer Urena
Julie Dunham
Janet Sarver
Larry Sarver
Paul Esser
Carol Esser
Nancy Sonntag
Patricia Morrissey
Wm A Rasmussen
Barbara Rasmussen
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