IMBA Canada Trail Care Crew Visit Survey
Please fill out this short survey. We will use the information to improve the program, and share with our partners and sponsors. Email any additional comments to Thanks!
Where and when did you attend a Trail Care Crew visit?
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How did you hear about the event? *
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Which events did you take part in during the Trail Care Crew visit? *
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How would you rate your overall experience with the Trail Care Crew? *
What did you find most useful about the presentation / event you attended?
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How can we make the presentation better?
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Is there anything you'd like to see added to the Trail Care Crew curriculum?
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Are there any other training materials or products that you'd like to see the TCC provide?
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Did the visit address your local trail issues? *
Would you recommend a Trail Care Crew workshop to a friend or group? *
Do you have any suggestions for the Trail Care Crew?
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How much do you spend on trail advocacy in a given year?
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