2020-2021 Training Request
FY 2021 (July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021)
Every Fire Department in Area 15 is allotted 21 hours of training (because we do 3-hour blocks) from July 1 – June 30. This excludes Fire Commission funded classes. Please complete the form below to allow me to prepare our schedule in advance, regardless of which month you choose to start training. Please include ALL 21 hours you wish to receive as all schedules will be made in their entirety. You will be contacted by the phone numbers and/or emails in which you provided for schedule completion. We will continue both hands-on and virtual training. If you choose virtual training keep in mind the hour usage doubles with those. Remember that hands-on classes requiring more than one instructor will use double hours as well.
Fire Department Name *
Fire Department MAILING address *
If classes will be held at a different location, please provide that address below.
Evening classes will begin by no later than 7:00pm and will last a minimum of three (3) hours. Weekend classes will begin by no later than 9:00am and will last a minimum of three (3) hours. Which evenings / days of the week does your department prefer training to be delivered? Choose which night(s). *
In which month(s) would you like your training to be delivered? Choose all that apply. *
Do you wish to have any of your classes delivered virtually? *
If you chose YES to virtual class delivery, how many do you prefer to be held virtually? *
Until social distancing guidelines are lifted, do you prefer your Departments SFRT delivered hands-on training be made public? *
Department Chief *
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Department Training Officer
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Course Selection *
If you wish for any of the chosen classes above to be more than 3 hours in length, please list those particular classes below along with the amount of hours you would like for them to be. *
Would your department be interested in utilizing any of the following props? *
Additional Information/Comments (If there are specific dates to avoid please list those here as well.)
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