Finland Ice Marathon 2018 feedback survey
Please help us to develop our event by givings us feedback.
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Feedback about the various arrangements before the event
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Advance information in a Finland Ice Marathon website
Parking arrangement
Instruction of the event area
Personal informing of the event
Media coverage
During the event
Cheering from the audience
Amount of audience
Interaction at the event
Guide signs
Information during the event
Other events
Sound system
Music at the event
After the event
Leaving from the event area
Opportunity to give feedback to the event organisation
Communication after the event on social media
Reportage on website after the event
Closing ceremony of the event
Reportage at local media after the event
Personal contact from the organisation of Finland Ice Marathon
Media coverage after the event (tv, radio..)
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What could the event managment do in advance to..
the number of participant?
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the athmosphere?
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social contacts during the event?
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make the Finland Ice Marathon more popular?
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