Wells Public Library 2020-2024 Strategic Plan Survey
Please help the Wells Library plan for the next five years by taking this short online survey. It will help us determine how patrons currently use the library and how we can better serve you in the coming years.
How often do you visit the Wells Library?
What do you value about the community of Wells?
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What goals and aspirations do you have for yourself/your family and for the Wells community?
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What role can the library play to help you achieve those goals or aspirations?
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If you answered "never" to question 1, why do you not use the library? (Check all that apply.)
Why do you visit the library? (Check all that apply.)
How does the Wells Library currently help you and your family?
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How could the Wells Library be more successful?
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The Library creates a welcoming, inclusive environment.
The Library is convenient and easy to use.
The Library creates a learning-centered environment.
The Library creates a safe environment.
The Library maintains a neat and clean space.
How do you keep up with what's happening at the library? (Check all that apply.)
Where is your permanent residence?
If you visit the library seasonally, where is your seasonal residence?
Please tell us your age
Please tell us your gender
Please share any other information about the library you'd like in the space below. Thank you for your time.
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