UTS FEIT challenge test registration
Use this form to register for the challenge tests for the following subjects. You should note that exemptions are only granted if you pass the test AND have a formal verified degree or diploma transcript.

Please read the rules at https://www.uts.edu.au/future-students/information-technology/essential-information/credit-recognition

Please check the Credit Recognition database at https://www.uts.edu.au/future-students/credit-recognition to see if your diploma/degree already entitles you to exemptions.

If you have a private college, or vendor/industry certificates, school or work experience - we can grant substitutions instead of an exemption ie: if you pass we will let you do a different (or complementary) subject instead.

The challenge test will be during the Orientation/Preparation Week. You will be emailed the exact date, time and location of your test if your application is accepted.
Student number *
Surname *
Firstname *
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Your Course number and title eg C10345 BSc IT *
Subject to challenge *
Please choose the appropriate subject for your degree. Note that 32524/32521 are only for postgraduate masters students
Semester to take the test *
Please note that you can only apply for exemptions in your 1st session in your degree.
What degree/diploma AND TAFE/Higher education/college are you claiming prior knowledge from? *
(e.g. Diploma of Networking/TAFE NSW). Credit recognition for coursework studies is not granted for work experience.
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