Weekly Schedule Availability Form
Please submit this form by FRIDAY at MIDNIGHT so we can assign assign the jobs and send you the info Saturday.

Scheduling Policies:

1. When you select the days and times you are available, you will expected to be available to work even if next day or last minute jobs pop up at those times you selected. That being said we will try to give you as much notice as possible. All jobs on the schedule as of the Saturday before the following week will be assigned on Saturday.

2. If for some reason you cannot do a job you previously agreed to do you must let Camren know 2 days before the scheduled job.

3. If you have to bail from a job within 24 hrs of the scheduled job, you are responsible to find your replacement and notify me ASAP. You will have a document shared with you that will include names, phone numbers, and typical schedules of other movers. In case of an emergency call Camren (970) 901-6264

Keep up the good work!

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