Annual Title I Survey
As partners in your child's education, your input is valued. Please take a few minutes to respond to this brief parent survey. This information will be used to help evaluate and strengthen parent and family engagement within our schools. Please complete one survey for each school your child attends. You may also complete this survey online at

Please complete one survey for each Title I School your child attends by February 28, 2019

What school does your child attend? *
In what grade is your child(ren)? *
Do you feel welcome at your child's school?
Does your school encourage you to be involved in your child's education?
Have you been given opportunities to provide input in the decision making process regarding the District School Family & Community Engagement Policies, Compact, School Improvement Plan, CLIP, and family and community engagement budget at your child's school and district?
Did you participate in any of the following activities offered at your school? Select all that apply.
Do you know how you can become involved in school planning/review committees?
Did you receive information regarding your rights and what it means to be Title I?
Do you understand your child's report card and test scores?
Please check below the types of workshop(s) you would like to see offered: (select all that apply)
What day is best for you to attend Title I School workshops/events: *
Which meeting time is more convenient for you?
Check any of the following items that would help you attend Title I meetings/events
The following documents were sent home this school year, check if you received a copy:
Do you find the monthly newsletter that is posted on your school's website and sent home beneficial(Home & School Connection or Middle Years monthly)?
Can you reach your child's classroom teacher(s) to discuss your child's academic progress/other concerns?
Does the school communicate frequently and effectively with parents?
Do you believe Family & Community Engagement increases student achievement?
What is the best way for the school to share information about your child and school activities?
Do you have internet access?
Parents have the right to give input on how the required 1% of the Title I Family & Community Engagement budget should be spent. The 1% is currently used to employ a full-time District Family & Community Engagement Coordinator and to support parent communication (newsletters, brochures, etc.). Title I funds must be used to support academic achievement and cannot be used to purchase meals. Please list ways you think Title I funds should be used to support academic achievement.
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Thanks for participating in our Annual Title I Survey!!!!
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