YFS - Tele-Warrior Volunteer Registration Form
Dear Tele-Warrior,
Thanks for your interest in volunteering with us, in this fight against Covid-19. Some of the top startup entrepreneurs and medical associations of India came together as a group to form Project StepOne.
Youth for Seva is collaborating with StepOne to help India manage and solve the COVID 19 pandemic.
This is a form to enroll volunteers for the telemedicine project which has been working since March 2020 with 18 states in the fight against the virus.

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Number of hours you are available to volunteer per week (please indicate availability timings too) *
What will I need to do?
You need to tele-call Covid Positive patients from the comfort of your home, counsel them, find out if they need help (help like doctor consult, medicines etc) and escalate if they need to be shifted to a hospital/CCC where they can get further care.

Will I be given any training?
Yes, online training will be provided.

When would I be contacted?
Once you submit the form, your details will be matched to where the need is and you'll be reached out. The process will take in the next 2–4 days but we are continuously working to make it faster. We will only contact you if we can utilise your time.

How much time is required?
We would like a minimum commitment of 5 hours a week for atleast 2 months duration (specific roles will require more time commitment). This time provides you to leave behind a meaningful contribution to the system and also allows StepOne to channel your energy in a productive output for the effort.

What if I cannot commit specific time slots but still want to contribute?
When you sign up as a tele-calling or tele-counselling volunteer - you get the flexibility to contribute according to your availability (anytime between 7 AM - 11 PM).

What do I need to do to volunteer for the effort?
Please fill the form with the requisite details and we will contact you soon.

Will I be paid for this effort?
We are all volunteers for now and not expecting anyone to pay us -  our common goal and reward will be India free from Covid 19! But be rest assured that you will be immensely thanked for your efforts.
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