FFF USA Local Group Registration
So you're already part of a FFF Local Group in the United States? Amazing!

The aim of the FFF USA national structure is to provide local groups with toolkits, support, and resources and connect them to each other. Fill out this form so we can add you to our database of registered FFF groups and get you integrated into the national structure!

If you have any questions about this form, or need support for your local group, please contact welcome@fridaysforfutureusa.org.
Where is your Local Group located? (include your state please) *
Who is the primary contact for your Local Group? *
What is their email address? *
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What are your Local Group's social media handles?
Does your Local Group strike regularly? And if so, online or offline or both? *
Is your Local Group youth or adult led? *
Around how many organizers does your Local Group have? *
Does your Local Group have any demands specific to your local community, outside of the international demands?
What specific support are you expecting / hoping to get from the FFF USA national structure?
Anything else you'd like us to know?
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