Passed the written driving test

For ages 14-16, prepare to take the written driving exam. Unless you've been blamed for an accident or convicted of a serious traffic violation within 6 months of the test.

The first thing to do is read the guide or study manual for your condition which you can find at the local DMV office. This is very important because all the rules and laws are written for each of us to obey so that we are protected while traveling on highways.

After reading the study guide for your condition. Take a practice test.

Now you can see your weakness. There may be little or much information retained or not. If you did not keep the information well, remove your study guide. Now take each question and answer look for it in your study guide. If you can keep the study guide, highlight the study guide with each question and answer. Remember that information retention needs to be done correctly. It is very important that you read your study guide again, especially the highlighted areas. Take one section at a time.

The practical test is for you. To help preserve the information that you cannot store when reading and studying the study guide.

WHAT TO REMEMBER before conducting your test

1. Sleep well at night. Don't stay up at the last minute.

2. Eat a good meal before taking the exam.

3. Don't tell your friend you're taking the test.

4. Read the questions carefully and each answer.

5. Bring birth certificate and social security card for identification.

You will usually find out what the results are shortly after the end of your test. If you fail the written test, stand up and find out what mistakes have been made to be better prepared next time. For more information visit this website
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