Parent Survey April 2020
For Parents of Bauxite Students
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Is your child doing his or her AMI work?
If your child isn't doing his or her AMI work, what is stopping him/her?
How is your student feeling during the school closure?
Very worried
What activities have your children been doing?
Is there anything the school can do to help your student feel better?
Do you want your child's teacher or counselor to contact you?
How much does your child like learning from home?
They don't like it all
They like it a lot
Compared to being in school, how is your child's overall wellbeing while they are at home?
Much worse
Much better
Have you or your child found it easy to submit AMI work?
Very difficult
Very easy
Have you found it easy to stay in communication with your child's teachers?
Very difficult
Very easy
If there is something you need, please share it here.
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