SCU Language Placement Survey & Registration
Anyone who wishes to begin taking language courses at SCU needs to complete this placement survey. If this will be your first time studying a particular language, then you will only need to complete this survey. Those who have previous experience with the language that intend to study at SCU must complete this survey and then take a placement test. This survey will guide you through registration to take a placement test.

Our placement tests are on online test that you can take from any smart device. They are available in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish. For placement information for Classical Languages in the Classics Department. For placement information in Hebrew, contact the Religious Studies Department.


All students are strongly encouraged to begin their Core Second Language Requirement as soon as possible after entering SCU, but no later than fall quarter of the junior year.

Majors in the Business school or who are pursuing a B.S. in Math or Natural Science must demonstrate proficiency equivalent to Elementary Level 2 or higher (i.e. complete the elementary level 2 CLASS or take any one course higher than that level).

All other College of Arts & Science and “Undeclared” majors must demonstrate proficiency equivalent to Elementary Level 3 or higher (i.e. take up to elementary level 3 CLASS or take one course higher than that level).

College of Engineering students who have taken 2 years of high school language studies do not have a Core Second Language Requirement, unless they pursue an additional major in the College of Business or Arts & Sciences.

Please see the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures' webpage for more information on the Core Second Language Requirement:

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