Sparrow Census 2019
House Sparrows are in decline across the United Kingdom with numbers falling by 71% between 1977 and 2008. The reasons why are not yet fully understood but may be many and complex. The Sparrow Census, with your help, aims to gather valuable data to build a bigger, better, clearer picture of just what is happening with our House Sparrows than ever before! I hope that moving forward, the data collected in this census will assist conservationists, scientists, NGO's, Government and every single one of us in protecting, conserving and championing the humble House Sparrow. The 2019 census is open for submissions from all corners of Britain and Ireland until 30th June 2019 and the results will be published in Autumn 2019. It is by no means polished - as this is the first year and I intend to run the census annually, updates and refinements will appear in subsequent issues. The census should take no loner then 10 minutes to complete and is designed in such a way that it doesn't matter whether you have House Sparrows visiting your garden or not - the answers to the question will prove valuable either way! I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for putting on your science hats and taking the time to complete the survey! Gavin Gamble.
Where do you live? *
Is your home... *
Is your home a... *
When was your house built? *
How long have you resided in your current home? *
(Including shared/communal) Is your front garden... *
(Including shared/communal) Is your rear garden... *
Tick all that apply to your FRONT garden *
Tick all that apply to your REAR garden *
Do you provide a source of fresh water for birds in your garden? (eg. a pond, bird bath, natural watercourse) *
What do you feed your garden birds? Tick all that apply *
Do you see House Sparrows in your garden(s)... *
Based on your answers to the previous two questions, which food do you think the House Sparrows in your garden prefer? *
In your garden(s) in the last 5 years (or time resident if less than 5 years) have you... *
The House Sparrow flock size in your garden(s) is... *
In the last 5 years (or time resident if less than 5 years), have House Sparrows nested in your garden(s)... *
Do House Sparrows nest naturally on your property? (eg. In hedgerows, Ivy, natural cavities in walls, roof tiles etc) *
Do you provide nest boxes / terraces suitable for House Sparrows on your property and are they utilised? *
Do you own a domestic cat(s) that has access outside or do other cats access your garden? *
Do Sparrowhawks visit your garden? *
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