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Please be aware school guidelines for COVID have not been released yet. Once released a schedule for signing up will be available. Parents meeting will be announced as well.
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I understand that dues for this team are $500 and I might need to purchase some of my own gear.
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Start these TODAY!! I will complete all required paperwork before I am officially on the team. Failure to do so will result in no longer being on the team. >> You may start paperwork before tryouts
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Practices run until May 1st, Monday - Thursday with matches on Thursdays with covid we will have thinned out practices. Most practices are right after school and then again at 4pm. Other arrangements can be made. If you tried out last year, this year will be very different due to covid requirements. You must be able to fit into a uniform, purchase your own or go without due to restrictions we will not be sharing anything this season. You must be able to shoot the Kneeling position, which requires putting pressure on your knees for an extended period of time. You must have good attitude and get along with others. Yes, Seniors and Juniors can make this team. Yes, you can participate in other sports and activities. (16 members max)
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