Limitless TCG - team submission
Use this form if you want to add a new team to our database. To report a change in an existing team, please use the error reporting form that's linked on the site's contact page.

To be eligible, a team needs at least one player that has results listed on the website.
Additionally, the team should have some kind of an online presence that
1) makes it possible to verify the team line-up and get updates about new or departing members.
2) provides value to the community in some way, for example posting decklists after tournaments or making videos.

If it is not possible to find any information on a team outside of what is submitted through this form, it will not be added to the database. Also, if a team that got added shows an extended period (> 1 year) of inactivity, it might get removed.

Exceptions may apply, for example if we feel like a team is very ranking relevant we might be less strict about other criteria.

In the past, we tried to accept all team requests, but it got increasingly hard to keep everything up to date and rankings accurate. We believe that unfortunately it is a necessary step to scale down our coverage in this area, focusing on the most influential and active of teams and making sure that those are kept up to date at all times.
Team name (as to be displayed on the website) *
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Date (or tournament) of when the team started *
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Player line-up *
Please enter the names of every player on the team (Masters only)! If the player is not already listed in our database, please also add their nationality. If a player hasn't been part of the team since the start, you may also add the date of when they joined.
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Logo & social media *
Please add links to any places where we can verify the above information, and find a Logo to associate the team with. Alternatively, you may also send us the Logo Image through our faceboor or twitter pages. In that case please leave a notice here as well.
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