Technology Survey (Parents)
Dear parents:

The school is in the process of updating the districts technology plan. To help us make sure we create an adequate plan please take a few minutes to fill out the attached below. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

JCS Technology Committee
My student(s) is(are) in the following grade(s) *
We have a home computer, laptop or desktop *
We have internet access at home *
Please describe the quality of your home internet connection. *
I have a mobile device with Internet access at home *
I have good computer skills *
I am comfortable learning about and working with new technologies *
Technology is critical to the learning experience of students *
I would support additional funding for instructional technology *
My student's access to technology in school is currently adequate *
I feel my students access to technology would be enhanced if... *
My student(s) has(have) strong technology skills *
If you have more than one student with varying levels please answer in other.
My student(s) is(are) encouraged to use technology at school for school projects *
If you have more than one student with varying levels please answer in other.
My student(s) has(have) access to a computer outside of school for school work *
My child(children) frequently uses technology for homework *
I assist my child(children) with using technology for school projects *
My child(children) plays games on a home computer *
My child(children) use(s) social networking sites (such as Facebook) *
I would be interested in attending technology training classes for parents at the school *
If the school offered public computer access at various times of the week would you take advantage of the opportunity. *
The school uses technology to communicate with students' families *
Where would you rank technology at JCS in terms of your student's education? *
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