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Thank you so much for choosing me to participate in this powerful & transformative part of your journey! I want to be able to support you to the best of my abilities & answering the following questions allows me to do just that. Everything you share is confidential.
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Whose traditional territory do you live on? *
So I can let you know when I'm in the area booking events & readings! For example: If you're living in Oakland, CA, you're occupying Ohlone Land. native-land.ca is a resource that can help you out.
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Which identities do you feel are important for you to share so that you are accountable to your communities? Identities you find strength & solace in?
For example: I am a queer indigenous femme with mental health disabilities. Be as specific as you feel comfortable.
Birthday & Zodiac Shit
I'd love to celebrate you by sending along a birthday treat! If you wanna share your Sun, Moon, Rising, & whatever else you know, you can do that, too.
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