As a Member of the Illinois Valley Central Marching Grey Ghost you will be fitted for and issued an official IVC Marching Grey Ghost Uniform with Accessories. The Uniform and Accessories belong to the Illinois Valley Central School District and are entrusted to you (and your parent or legal guardian) for use during the entire marching band season. The wearing of this Uniform is a privilege and with that privilege comes the responsibility of proper care and respect for the garment. It is expected that you will meticulously care for and maintain the uniform by following all of the care requirements previously described.
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I, band/guard student, agree to give the IVC band/color guard uniform that I am issued the best of care during the current school year. This care includes being very careful not to put the uniform in any kind of harmful situation because of environment, or any other conditions where the uniform may be damaged. I understand that I am responsible for the repair and/or replacement cost if the uniform suffers any damage while it is under my responsibility whether it is accidental or intentional. I also agree to pay for damage to or loss of any part of the band/color guard uniform that is not normal wear. If cleaning is desired beyond the Director-scheduled cleaning that is not covered by the Uniform Cleaning fee, I agree to pay those additional cleaning charges. I also agree while not wearing the Uniforms and/or accessories (Jazz/parade shoes, gloves) they will remain on the uniform carts or in the IVC band room while not in use. I understand that no cutting or permanent alterations can be made to any part of the IVC Band uniform. I completely understand and acknowledge all of the statements that are listed above and in this handbook. I accept my responsibilities pertaining to the care of the IVC Band uniform that is issued to me.
I, the parent/legal guardian of my band/guard student, understand that photograph(s) or video/audio recordings taken of my band/guard student will be obtained during IVC band activities and may be used in connection with promoting and supporting the IVC band program. I hereby authorize anyone who is acting on behalf of the IVC Band program to copy, exhibit, publish, or distribute any and all such images and audio of my band/guard student.
I acknowledge my responsibility in the care of the IVC Marching Band/Color Guard uniform and, if applicable, concert uniform issued to my child listed above. I also understand that any needed repairs or optional cleanings are to be paid at my expense. I further understand that I am financially responsible for any damage that is attributed to negligence.
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