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365 Degrees provides an environment like no other. It works towards providing experiences that is refreshingly unconventional, with a balance between fun, learning and work, while being a cross-disciplinary platform for all ingenious people out there.
We are always on the lookout for individuals who dare to stand out and take risks. Humans who want to immortalise their experiences in stories and share them to bring a positive change. Every 365 Degrees member is a class apart from the regular crowd in the way they take on life and enjoy every bit of it. These are the people who dare to explore, venture out into the unknown, step out of their comfort zones and are always willing to learn.
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Requirements for a Tribe
Every 365 Degrees Tribe Must

- Have a minimum of 5 active members at all times (except for first 3 months from inception)
- Work on at least ONE Project each year
- Host at least ONE event each year
- Partner with & support at least ONE external organisation

Here are a few general guidelines for Tribe Members

- The Tribe is a democratic group which chooses a Tribe Leader Each year for a duration of ONE year.
- In order to promote leadership, a Tribe Leader is not allowed to serve for two consecutive years, but is allowed to contest for the post in non-consecutive terms.
- The Founding Tribe Leader has an advisory & discretionary role in the Tribe
- Tribe must ensure all of its members are active and each member must be actively involved in a project/initiative
- Any member inactive for 6 months or more must be removed from the tribe
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