Swim Clinic Instructor Info
First and foremost, thank you for utilizing your talent and expertise for the participants in this clinic to have a far higher survival rate and a significant increase in confidence which ripples into the rest of their lives and all that is impacted by knowing them.
In filling out this form, you acknowledge that this is a volunteer opportunity (no expected financial compensation) and you guarantee that this will not play a factor in your productivity or reliability.
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What are your affiliations you feel could benefit our partnership? *
This can be current employment, volunteering or groups you are part of that are relevant to our community... eg State Farm, COUNTRY, Greek affiliation, BLM Blono, etc
What do you consider your qualifications to be an instructor? (certifications past and present, experience, etc) *
Do you have a current background check completed that you can share with us? *
Please note that the Sterling Volunteers background check is $19 at petitioner's (your) expense
Emergency Information (ANSWER ALL!) *
MUST INCLUDE ALL: Contact name & phone number plus a secondary contact; hospital preference; allergies; current physical ailments or restrictions we need to know about
Which days of the clinic are you committing to *
Things you need/want us to know about you - DO NOT LEAVE BLANK AND DO NOT PUT "NOTHING" *
preferred names, ptsd triggers (no matter how "small" you think they are), sensitivities to light, texture, etc, tendencies to run away, literally everything that will help make this clinic the most enjoyable and protected experience
Are you interested in learning about the Afro Socialist Caucus within our community and other ways to volunteer or be involved?
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