The Milton Rooms Community Survey of Need

“Run by the community for the community”

The Milton Rooms is changing! We have worked extremely hard in the past few years to make this amazing historic building into the shining gem it once was. However, our job is not over yet. We ask your opinion about how we should continue our job in the next phase of redevelopment. We aim to give back The Milton Rooms its proper place in Malton. Please answer the following questions to help us understand what we should concentrate on next. Please note that your responses will be only kept and used by The Milton Rooms to determine community need and for future funding applications in an anonymised format. It will take around 5 minutes to complete this survey.

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Firstly, have you ever visited Milton rooms? 
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What kind of events would you be interested in? Indicate as many events as you like 

Is there anything we missed? Please add here:

Please indicate which one would you prefer: 
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Timings of events
We wish to open the studio bar as a small performance area and as an independent bar. Would you be interested in this option to: Attend performances 
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Use the studio bar for a drink
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If ‘no’, please indicate why

How interested would you be in booking The Milton Rooms and/or Assembly Rooms for the following events?

Please indicate by adding 1 to ‘Not interested at all’ to 5 ‘Very interested’

Family celebrations
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With our area seeing extensive development do you feel that facilities like The Milton Rooms are needed with the growth of our population. Please give your answer with a number with 1 being ‘No need’, 10 being ‘Strongly needed’

No need
Strongly needed
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How strongly do you feel that accessibility is important for community venues. Please give your answer with a number with 1 being ‘Not important’, 10 being ‘Very important’

Not important
Very important
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If you have ever visited The Milton Rooms, have you ever experienced any accessibility issues? (If you have not visited yet, or had no issues, please put n/a)

How important do you think The Milton Rooms is in local history and heritage? Please give your answer with a number with 1 being ‘Not important’, 10 being ‘Very important’

Not important
Very important
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Further consultation

Would you attend drop in secessions at The Milton Rooms to discuss the future developments of this community venue with the trustees?  
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If yes, would you prefer drop-in sessions in the:

Would you consider a phone or video conversation to further explain your opinion?

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If you would like to be contacted for further consultation, please answer the following questions:


Street address
Post code
How would you like us to contact you to arrange further consultation?
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The final set of questions will help us understand a bit more about the community we serve – you! Feel free to leave this section blank if you wish.


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Your gender
Your sexuality
Your ethnicity
Your family status
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Your location
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How do/would you travel to get to The Milton Rooms?
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