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Thank you for putting yourself first! Self care is so important =)
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Love them
I tolerate them
I have allergies and need to stay away
I am not comfortable coming to your home
Dogs (I have one small 14 lb dog)
Cats (I have one, but he is not regularly permitted in the cuddle space of the home and there is no carpet)
Where would you be interested and able to have the session? *
My home in central Virginia (session only)
My home in central Virginia (add on overnight accommodations; $50/night)
My home in central Virginia (add on ADA compliant and cat free apartment for overnight accommodations; $ TBD, possibly $300 for two nights)
Host in your home (will incur added travel fee)
Other location - whole house Airbnb or hotel (will incur added travel fee)
Which of the following are you interested in? *
1.5 hours ($135 M-Th, $165 F-Su)
2+ hours ($90/hr M-Th, $110/hr F-Su)
Overnight ($400-550 M-Th, $450-600 F-Su, to include a total visit of 12-20 hours; includes accommodations in my home)
Combine session(s) with overnight accommodations over multiple nights to make for a self-care retreat in central Virginia
Monthly membership - discount on sessions per month (starting at $75)
Monthly membership - discount savings bank ($50-350)
Virtual (Phone $30/hr, Video $50/hr)
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Mornings (before noon)
Daytime (noon-5pm)
Evenings (5pm-10pm)
Not available
How did you first discover platonic cuddling services and what are you most looking forward to getting out of your session? Be specific! *
Confirm that you have read and agree to the service agreement and waiver. You acknowledge that if you don't follow this agreement, the session will end immediately with no refund.( *
Acknowledge that I will send occasional emails when there are important updates for cuddle opportunities. You can always opt out of this, but this is essential for me to let people know information. Also understand that this doesn't change your ability to send me personal texts or emails if you ever need, and I may still text or email you specifically. This is purely to help me get important information to everyone. *
Is there anything else you would like me to know about you or your session needs? Do you have sensitivities to any scents? Allergy concerns? Any other questions?
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