SciPy 2018 Sprint Leader Financial Aid
The SciPy Conference is committed to increasing contribution to scientific Python packages at the SciPy 2018 Sprints! As such, we are opening up a small pool of funds to help sprint leaders stay beyond the main conference and lead sprints for their package, in order to grow our foundations and the contributor base. This Sprint Lead Financial Aid package will specifically cover two extra nights of lodging, July 13 and 14.

NOTE that this aid will be awarded based on knowledge of a package central to our community and accessibility to new comers rather than financial need.

Submissions will remain open until Friday, May 25th. We will notify recipients on a rolling basis.
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What package will you be leading a sprint for? *
What is your experience leading coding events? *
Just 2-3 bullet points please! Some ideas: list your (most attended) community coding events, previous sprints led, or tutorials given on the package.
Reference's Email *
Please list the name and email of a core package maintainer/contributor who can vouch for your capacity to work with package core devs to set sprint priorities ahead of the conference and your familiarity with the package.
What do you think a good sprint leader can do to run a successful sprint?
Just 3-5 bullet points please! What will you do ahead and during your sprint to make sure it has the biggest possible impact on the package long term.
Do you need both nights of logging? *
The sprint lead financial aid is designed to cover 2 nights of hotel. If your travel schedule doesn't allow you to stay both days, let us know if you won't need the second night of lodging.
Please agree to work with the SciPy2018 sprint committee to make your sprint as inclusive to the SciPy diversity as possible, in particular to first time sprinters. *
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