Climate Strike Marshaling, Chaperoning Volunteer Recruitment Form
In supporting the Youth leading the September 20th Climate Strike, we are recruiting adults of all ages to provide marshaling services, medical support (if necessary), police liaising, and other necessary services to help this march be all that it can be. Please send this out to be all members of your organizations.

Marshaling assistance includes: orienting crowd, crowd flow, safety, keeping eyes on the crowd, conflict de-escalation, address injuries or first-aid needs should they arise, ensuring that youth is centered and that adult volunteers are not 'stealing their thunder' should that issue arise.

We will be responding shortly to folks filling out this form, but if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us! The points of contact for this Marshaling training and action (for the Strike are Danielle Platt from Sunrise Bay Area (, and Nishikant Sheory from DSA SF ( Please contact us wtih any questions!
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Are you interested in chaperoning school students attending the strike as a field trip? Schools in need of chaperones are primarily in the East Bay.
Can you commit to marshaling on the 9/20 climate strike in San Francisco?
Do you have experience Marshaling and do you want to be a Marshal Coordinator? Marshal coordinators must attend a training ahead of time (see next questions).
The dates/times of the available online marshal trainings are as follows. All those interested in being a marshal are strongly urged to attend. Please indicate which training(s) you can attend:
Marshal coordinators will also be required to attend a brief in-person meeting the day before the march (September 19th) from 5:30-7:00pm. Can you attend this meeting?
Can you recruit more people from your community or organization?
Can you help be a street-medic if needed?
Can you bring any communications tech (like bullhorns, etc.)
Do you have any questions for us?
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