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Shirty Science brings together researchers and creatives to create powerful and impactful shirt designs that spark conversations about scientific research.

Shirty Science has proven a powerful tool. Over the years we have created over 50 shirt designs representing everything from computational chemistry to malaria mosquitos. We have sold hundreds of shirts and helped real-life research become dinner table conversation.

Australia is currently experiencing first hand the consequences of climate change. Australia is also making a significant contribution to the pool of research around climate change, discovering findings to support it, model it and work to solve it. Through Season Climate, Shirty Science wants to make sure that climate research is talked about and known.

This season we will work with climate researchers and creatives across the country to produce four shirt designs. We will produce and sell a limited run, donating all profits to the Climate Council. This donation will help ensure climate research is talked about on our TVs, newspapers, news feeds and parliament.

If your research relates to climate change or if you are a creative who wants to help make a difference and would like to volunteer your time, skills and knowledge I would love to hear from you!

1. Researchers and creatives apply. Four of each will be selected based on their portfolio of work.
2. Succesful researchers and creatives will then be matched into teams and introduced through a Skype call.
Skype call will take place in the week beginning 24th February.
3. Each team will work together virtually across three weeks to create a shirt design.
4. The shirt design is then sent to Shirty Science along with a brief description of the design and the research it represents.
5. All shirt designs are uploaded onto for pre-order.
6. Using direct to garment printing Shirty Science will print all the shirts and send them off to their new homes along with a postcard describing the design and research behind it.

If you are interested in being a part of Shirty Science for this season please fill in the below form and I will be in contact shortly!

Applications close midday AEDT Monday 10 February

Any questions please email

Look forward to hearing from you.

Shirty Science
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