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Our CURBSIDE Limited ToGo menu is available Fridays 12pm-8pm.

Stay for our SUNSET DRIVE IN CONCERT SERIES on Friday evenings starting at 7pm! Gracious musicians are donating their time to help save the pub! They will take the deck and sing a little soul back into our hearts. We will be offering our To-Go menu from 12-8. If you plan on coming to the concert, please maintain the social distancing guidelines. Please park and respect the people around you.

More questions, please EMAIL pubcurbside@theshenaniganspub.com or call 706-482-0114
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Meats & Cheeses
Please Refer to Retail Menu for Pricing & amounts for each item! If you need more than 3 of any item, please select "3" but comment below for additional amounts!
(quantity) 1
Buckhead Beef Black Angus Burgers (2lbs-4patties)
Beyond Burger 4oz Patty (per patty)
Sirloin Steak Thick Restaurant Cut (8oz filet)
Springer Mountain Chicken Breast (1 lb - 2 breasts)
P & D White Shrimp (1lb)
Salmon Filets (1lb - 2 filets)
Tuna Filet 10oz Filet (per filet)
Cod Filets (2lbs - 4 filets)
Boar's Head Black Forest Ham
Boar's Head Oven Roasted Turkey (1lb)
Boar's Head Corned Beef (1lb)
Boar's Head Applewood Bacon (1lb)
Bangers, Atlanta Sausage Company (1lb)
Ground Raw Sausage (1lb)
Morningstar Soy Sausage Patties (8 patties)
Cage Free Eggs per Dozen (1dzn)
Boar's Head Hummus 32oz Container (32 oz)
Boar's Head Swiss Cheese Sliced (1lb)
Boar's Head Pepperjack Cheese Sliced (1lb)
Boar's Head Provolone Cheese Sliced (1lb)
Boar's Head Bleu Cheese Crumbles (1lb)
Boar's Head Yellow American Sliced (1lb)
BH Shredded Colby Jack Cheddar Cheese (1lb)
BH Shredded Mozzarella Cheese (1lb)
Boar's Head Feta Cheese Crumbles (1lb)
Staples & Pub Favorites
Please Refer to Retail Menu for Pricing & amounts for each item!
(quantity) 1
All Purpose Flour (2lbs)
Sugar (1lb)
Chef Paul’s Blackening Seasoning (6oz)
Sourdough Bread (1 loaf)
Marbled Rye Bread (1 loaf)
Giant Philly Sub Rolls 6pk (6 rolls)
Kaiser Burger Buns 8pk (8 buns)
12" Flour Tortilla 12pk (12 tortillas)
Beer Battered French Fries Frozen (5lbs)
Beer Battered Onion Rings Frozen (2.5lbs)
Potato Pancakes Frozen (3lbs)
Jalapeno Cheddar Potato Bites Frozen (3lbs)
Chicken Tenders Frozen (1lb)
Crack Dip Base (order sausage or soy to finish!) (1 pint)
Tri Color Tortilla Chips (2lbs)
Shepards Pie for 2 (2 pints shep, 1 pint mashers) (total: 3 pints w/cheese)
Creamy Roasted Red Pepper Dressing (CRRP) (1 pint)
Citrus Garlic Aioli (1 pint)
Balsamic Vinaigrette (1 pint)
Pub's Tartar Sauce (1 pint)
Jalapeno Sour Cream (1 pint)
Boar's Head Sliced Dill Pickles (1 pint)
Boar's Head Sauerkraut (1 pint)
Produce & Supplies
Please Refer to Retail Menu for Pricing & amounts for each item!
(quantity) 1
Large Tomatoes 5x6 (2 each)
Red Onions (lb)
Spinach (lb)
Lemons (5)
Limes (5)
Fresh Mint (oz)
Nitrile Gloves (Small- 100)
Nitrile Gloves (Medium-100)
Nitrile Gloves (Large-100)
Cloth Mask (Small)
Cloth Mask (Medium)
Cloth Mask (Large)
Ear Relief Headband for mask
Surgical Mask
$2.00 each. MAX OF 3 per person. Health Care Workers receive 20% off
Paper Towel
$1.50 per roll
Toilet Paper
$1.00 per roll
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