Family Interest Survey - 2022 CLES Little Dolphins
The purpose of the CLES Little Dolphins group is to help incoming kindergarten students, and their families, get to know one another. This group is specifically for students who will start kindergarten in Fall 2022 at Centennial Lane Elementary School (CLES) in Ellicott City, MD. During the spring and summer 2022, the CLES Little Dolphins group will hosted playdates, info sessions, and family activities (both virtual and in-person).

During the Fall 2022, this group will continue to update and circulate the family directory and Facebook page, so that kindergarteners and their families can continue to connect with new friends in their neighborhood and school community!

If your child will enter kindergarten at CLES this August 2022, we invite you to complete this family directory interest survey, which will collect your contact information and your ideas for activities for this group. All responses will be kept private and confidential, unless you specifically consent to have your name, email and/or neighborhood shared with other members of the 2022 CLES Little Dolphins group through a private email list.

We also invite you to join our private Facebook group, by searching in Facebook for "CLES Little Dolphins" or typing this URL into your browser:

Questions? You can contact the co-coordinators of this group at:

2022 CLES Little Dolphins Co-Coordinators:
Jayson and Shahana Beckman (parents of new kindergartener, Myra Beckman)
Rachel Lin (mother of new kindergartener, Micah Lin)

Other helpful websites:
CLES Main Webpage:
HoCo Kindergarten Registration Page:
CLES PTA Main Webpage:
CLES PTA Facebook Page:
CLES Parents (private Facebook page)
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Student's Name
This is the name of the student who will be a kindergartener in fall 2022 at CLES. Please also list any other names this student goes by.
Parent/Guardian's Name(s)
Feel free to include just your name, or the names of all parents/guardians of the student.
Your Email Address
Provide the best email address to use when sharing updates and announcements to the CLES Little Dolphins group. For multiple email address, please list with a semi-colon separating the multiple email addresses.
Your Neighborhood
The purpose of this question is to help families in the same neighborhood connect with one another. Provide a general description of your neighborhood. For example, "Font Hill Drive" or "near Breconshire Rd & White Rose Way" or "Grosvenor Dr. Area" or "Gwynn Park." Provide whatever level of detail you are comfortable with. Providing your specific address is NOT required.
Which information can we share with others in this group? *
CHECK ALL THAT APPLY. The CLES Little Dolphins group plans to create a roster of 2022 Little Dolphin families, for the purpose of allowing families to directly connect with one another. This roster will ONLY be shared with other members of the 2022 CLES Little Dolphin group thru a private Google sheet (restricted access) and will NOT be published on a public-facing website. Ideally, we would include the parent/guardian name(s), the child's name, the email address, and the neighborhood--however, you can pick and choose which elements we share.
How do you want to stay informed of events?
The CLES Little Dolphins co-coordinators plan to share announcements about upcoming event through email and via the Facebook page. Let us know your preferences.
Clear selection
Are you comfortable with Indoor events?
Little Dolphins events can include playground playdates, picnics, bike/scooter rides in CLES parking lot, outings to nearby parks, farms, nature centers, ice cream shops, etc. Events can be SMALL GROUP (like immediate neighborhood, or limited slots w/ signup), or LARGE GROUP open to all. Answer this question based on your comfort level (not based on your busy schedules or interests). FACE MASK RULES WOULD APPLY (we'd follow whatever HoCo face mask rules were in place at the time).
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Would you be interested in volunteering to help with any of our events?
This would range from helping with setup or tear down of an event to helping coordinate smaller play dates and activities.
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What type of events would interest you most?
List any events that sound fun, or would be of interest to your family. List ideas for both in-person events and virtual events. As a reminder, the purpose of CLES Little Dolphins is to connect families of rising kindergarten students to build friendships and make the transition to kindergarten more smooth.
What would you like to know or learn about CLES, the PTA, the school programs, etc.?
Do you have other children, including those who attend CLES?
Feel free to tell us anything else about your family, such as ages of other children and if they attend school at CLES.
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