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Friday 10th July 2020
Musgrave Park, 121 Cordelia Street, South Brisbane.
Event Manager: Natalie Alberts, Mobile: 0434 545 475
Email: mpffdoperations@gmail.com
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What Specific Skills or qualifications do you have to offer in our festival?
Is there specific areas you are interested to assist with? (Example: Supervise Children's area, Assist Stage Managers, Site Mapping, Letter Drop, Toilet/Bin duties, Distribution of equipment to sites.)
As our EVENT VOLUNTEER, you will be provided with a Uniform: Please indicate Your Shirt Size for the uniform.
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Volunteer Roster. We have various opportunities for you to volunteer: please identify the most suitable dates/times that you can volunteer.
Wednesday 8th July
Thursday 9th July
Friday 10th July
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Saturday 11th July
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Within the weeks leading up to the Event? Date and times to be confirmed.
Volunteers are to obey all reasonable requests made by the supervisor, if a dispute arises, the
volunteer should discuss the issue with the Volunteer Coordinator of the MPFFD.
- Volunteers will not receive any remuneration for volunteer work.
- Volunteers must comply with all security regulations in place at the event.
- Remember, as you are the face of the Musgrave Park Family Fun Day your role as a volunteer
is to be friendly and welcoming to all patrons.
- We ask that you volunteer for at least 4 hour on the day you are rostered, but please
remember you can do more than one shift and we also need volunteers before and after the
• I agree to participate in the 2020 Musgrave Park Family Fun Day on a Volunteer basis.
• I agree to attend all shifts I have signed up for, if I am unable to attend any shifts I will
advise the Volunteer Coordinator at least 1 hour prior to my shift starting.
• All volunteers are required to attend an Event Information Session before the event to learn
more about the festival, the volunteer positions, expectations and the meet your fellow
These information sessions will be held on: (Please indicate by ticking one session.)
➢ You must sign in before your shift to be covered by insurance and
➢ You must also sign off at the end of the shift, returning any equipment you were issued.
➢ Volunteers are required to arrive 30 minutes before a shift to allow for a hand over and
instructions on duties.
Please give your digital signature below in doing this you have read and understood the General Conditions in relation to volunteer work for the Musgrave Park Family Fun Day and agree to abide by these conditions, type name and date here:
We thank you for Volunteering:
You will get a chance to learn new skills and meet interesting people and help your community.
In acknowledgment of your invaluable contributions, you will receive MPFFD T-shirt and Lunch.
You will also be awarded a Certificate of Appreciation.
You will receive an email confirming your submission, if you do not receive an email please check your Spam/Junk Inbox. If you still do not receive one please contact us for confirmation.
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