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Applied Anthropology Network (AAN) is established as a permanent network of scholars to co-operate on fields of special interest within The European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA), a professional association open to all social anthropologists either qualified in, or else working in, Europe.

As the UK registered Charity organization we ensure privacy compliance by embedding the principles of GDPR - transparency, purpose limitation, data minimisation, accuracy, storage limitation, confidentiality and accountability.

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More on EASA regulations: https://www.nomadit.co.uk/privacy.htm
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It is not a prerequisite for Applied Anthropology Network affiliation to be an anthropologist by training. Applied Anthropology Network welcomes enthusiasts, users of ethnographic methods and practitioners of inter/transdisciplinary approaches as well. Please, state your field of expertise in "Other" section below.
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It is generally recommended to be a paying member, however, it is not required for Applied Anthropology Network affiliation. For more info on EASA membership, please visit: https://www.easaonline.org/membership/
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Find out about our activities here: https://www.easaonline.org/networks/app_anth/
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We exchange visibility for visibility. Having your approval, you will be able to view Membership Database and search among other "visible" members.
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Instructions: All of us dwell in different places. Let us know where you are settled. Click "New Marker", write down your name (you can "Add Image" or text as well) and click "Save". Please, do not erase markers of others. Thank you. --- This map serves as a geographical representation of EASA Applied Anthropology Network community. Its content is supervised by Network Manager. --- Access the map here: https://goo.gl/94QPCH
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