APPLICATION for "Awareness In Action!"  - AYUDH's 10th EU Youth Initiative
By filling in this form you apply to take part in AYUDH's "Awareness In Action!" Youth Initiative, taking place from 13-20 July 2014 at M.A. Center Germany.

By filling in this form you are not yet registered for the camp! This is just an application form.

We will be in touch with you soon to let you know if your application has been accepted. Once you will have received a confirmation from us, you can start booking your travel tickets. At that point we will also ask you to fill in the final registration form online and select your workshops.

The information contained in this form will be kept confidential and will only be shared with personnel on a need-to-know basis.

If you do not fully understand any of the following questions, need further information please contact your Country Youth Leader or the central organizers at

Thank you for your interest!
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Personal Information
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Have you participated in any previous AYUDH EU Youth Camps?
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Age on July 13th, 2014 *
If you are under 15 unfortunately you can not participate in the camp; if you are over 30 you are welcome to come as a volunteer. In that case, please write to:
How did you hear about the AYUDH camp? *
Medical Information
According to German Law, we are requested to ask about the medical condition of the youth who apply for the initiative. It is very important that you give us true and detailed information here. This information will be treated strictly confidential.
Physical Condition *
Do you have any physical health conditions or allergies? If so, please specify in detail.
Psychological Condition *
Do you have any mental condition such as anxiety, depression, psychosis etc?  If yes, please specify and indicate the treatment you receive
Youth under the age of 18
Please provide the contact details of one of your parents/legal guardians. According to German Law, they have to sign a paper to give their permission that you may attend the youth initiative. We will send more information about this to your parents soon.
First name of parent/legal guardian
Last name of parent/legal guardian
Relationship to youth
Phone number
incl country code. Example: +33 (0) 126 776892
Helping hands
As you can imagine running such a huge camp requires a lot of helping hands.
If you are willing to be one of them but don't want to abstain from participating in the activities, we are happy to welcome you as a "helping participant".
That means working four hours a day and participating in the camp activities for a LOWER FEE.
For questions please contact
Are you interested in helping during the camp? *
You can participate for a lower fee if you want to help running the camp for six hours a day
If yes, in which field would you like to help or in which field can you offer skills?
You can check more than one option
Thank you!
We will contact you soon to let you know if your application has been accepted!
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