Course Design Institute Application
Please complete all the questions on this form to apply for the Course Design Institute program.

Full-time faculty and instructors are eligible to apply for the Summer Course Design Institute. Adjunct faculty who have taught at UMSL for at least one semester and who will be teaching at UMSL next year are also eligible. Graduate students with substantial course responsibilities are also welcome to apply.

Your application indicates you can meet the expectations described above. Applications should be completed using the online form. We will begin reviewing applications on Friday, April 12th. If open seats remain beyond that date, we will entertain additional applications until Friday, May 10th. No applications will be accepted after May 10th.

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Section 2: About the Course
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Section 3: Terms and Conditions
By submitting this form, if I am selected as a participant in this community, I agree to participate fully in the four-day intensive institute, including the associated readings, assignments, and follow-up. I will participate in sharing the things I have learned with faculty outside the community. I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions put forth by the Center for Teaching and Learning. * Please check the box below. *
If you are an adjunct faculty member:
The Center for Teaching and Learning will verify your employment status with your Department Chair prior to admission into the Course Design Institute. (Due to rules and regulations, we need to ensure your department chair plans for you to be teaching next academic year.)
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