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Your most important qualifications are a love for nature and youth, a good sense of humor, andwillingness to learn. We also require your participation in one day of Volunteer Training.
What do you hope to gain from volunteering with Ravenwood?
Please describe any previous experience (volunteer or paid) you have working with youth, andany special skills that directly relate to volunteering with Ravenwood.
Have you participated in any Ravenwood programs? If yes, which ones?
Please describe any physical or other limitations/challenges that directly relate to volunteeringfor Ravenwood.
Volunteer Locations and Dates
Our volunteers usually join a group of children and a lead staff member for a day or more in the field. Check the box for each set of program dates for which you are able to commit. If you do not wish to work with kids, skip to the final question and tell us what you'd like to help us with.

For volunteers working with kids, one training date is required, and two or more program dates are preferred. We will contact you with final selections.
Training Dates (Required to work with kids)
Program Dates
If you can only commit to select dates within each program, please write the program and specific dates in below:
If you would like to volunteer in some other way than helping at a kids' camp, please describe in what way you'd like to contribute to Ravenwood.
Thank You!
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