Tech interview experiences from both sides of the table
The aim with this form is to gather a set of experiences which will enable people to understand the interviewing process. Our targets will be graduates, job-seekers and people returning to the workforce after a career break.

Responses to this form will be anonymised and published as a guide to interviewing experiences and practice: we will remove all names and specific company details, but please don't write anything here that you wouldn't like public.

We are looking to hear from both interviewers and interviewees. If you have conducted interviews in several companies, or have several interview experiences to talk about, then please do feel free to fill in the form more than once. This is not a scientific study, just a collection of experiences and anecdotes to help people navigate the appointment process.

Hannah Dee on behalf of BCSWomen

What kind of job was it?
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About the company
Is the company big?
Is the organisation mostly tech?
Is the organisation public/private/charity/whatever?
Please add any other comments about the organisation here
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About the panel
How many people were on the panel?
If you had several phases of interview, please tell us how many were in the final one you got to.
What parts of the company did they come from?
Gender diversity on the panel: were they
How smart/formal were the panel in terms of dress?
Business suits
Shorts and flipflops
Any more comments about the panel? Add them here.
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About the structure of the interview
What kinds of interviews or tests did you have?
If there were any quiz/test aspects, could you elaborate on what they were?
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If there were any group aspects, could you elaborate on what they were?
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How long did the main interview last?
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How long did it take from application to final interview?
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Were there any informal aspects to the interview?
If there were any informal aspects, could you elaborate on what they were?
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About the questions
Can you remember any particularly good questions?
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Can you remember any particularly horrible questions?
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Do you have any more anecdotes or information about the interview or interview process?
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Moving forward
Did you get the job?
What one piece of advice would you give people going for similar jobs?
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