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The first day of Lunch Bunch for all students is Monday September 16th, 2019.Toddler Lunch Bunch runs until 1:30pm and costs $15/day. Ages 3 & Up Lunch Bunch runs until 3PM and the cost is $20/per day. Lunch Bunch Registration will be available on our school's website by clicking here:

Please register at least a week in advance in order to secure your child's spot. A select number of drop-in spots will be available each day for last-minute registrations. Invoicing will be done through Brightwheel the week after lunch bunch occurs, in order to allow us to maintain proper attendance and charge accordingly. Online payments as well as checks will be accepted. Checks can be deposited in our BLUE safety deposit box hanging on the wall outside of the office with your child's name and Lunch Bunch in the memo. 24 hour advance notice is needed to change your child's lunch bunch date or you will still be charged. Lunches must be packed following our No-Nut snack policy.

We are excited to announce that this year we will be adding Pizza Days once a week, cooking, Bible lessons, special sports, activities, crafts and games to enhance your child's afternoon experience!
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