Moodle Tutorial Series
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Moodle Basics
This workshop is an introduction to Moodle, learn how to set up your course, send class announcements, share files with your students, and submit final grades.
Moodle Quizzes and Assignments
This workshop is an introduction to running assessments in Moodle. It will cover creating quiz questions, setting up quizzes and accommodations, and setting up assignment so students can submit assessments through Moodle.
Moodle Paper Tests
This workshop is an introduction to the Moodle Offline Quiz tool, a tool that lets you use your Moodle question bank to quickly create and grade paper tests with Moodle.
Moodle Gradebook
This workshop is an introduction to the Moodle Gradebook. Learn how to track grades in Moodle, share feedback and assessment results with students, and easily submit final grades to the Registrar's Office.
Moodle Gradebook Office Hours
The LINC lab will be available for drop-in/drop-out Gradebook set up for fall courses. Jason will be available for questions and assistance getting your gradebook ready. This session is a great fit if you're familiar with entering grades in Moodle but need a bit of help getting things set up.
Moodle New Features
In May we updated to a newer version of Moodle, this session will cover some of the new features that have been added with that update. Learn how to have Moodle build a timeline for your students, set a custom dashboard image, and mass edit activity completion.
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