RandolphWork$ Application
Students who are interested in applying for a paid student internship as part of their high school coursework and career preparation should complete the application below. Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis and students will be contacted as positions are available.

Eligibility guidelines:
- Student must be enrolled in the Randolph County School System
- Student must be 16 years old before the internship begins
- Student must complete hiring paperwork (including background check and drug screening)
- Student must commit to working a minimum of 20 hours per week
- Student must commit to working for their company continuously from date of hire until high school graduation

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Have you earned industry-recognized credentials through CTE classes in high school? Check all that apply.
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Do you have any work experience? If so, please list: Place of Employment, Dates Employed, Duties/Responsibilities
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Are you committed to RandolphWork$ as an employee for your company until you earn your high school diploma? *
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Are you committed to working with a mentor according to the RandolphWork$ guidelines? *
Are you committed to a pay scale that is dependent upon y our school and work performance each nine weeks? *
Do you have or are you willing to open a savings/checking account for direct deposit payment from your company? *
Electronic Signature: I have read the list of required documents for employment on the RandolphWork$ website and confirm that I have all necessary documentation in my possession to complete hiring paperwork. All information included in this application is honest and accurate. *
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