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Conditions of Bicycle and Equipment Rental
Terminology & Ownership:
This is an agreement between you ( the undersigned) and Blue Star Bikes & Tours. Whenever used herein, the term "equipment" shall include any equipment rented from Blue Star Bikes & Tours. The customer understands and agrees that the equipment described in this contract remains the property of Blue Star Bikes & Tours and that the failure by the customer to criminal prosecution.
Responsiblity for Damage or Loss:
Customer agrees he/she will return the equipment in the same good condition as when received, ordinary wear and tear accepted, and to repair and replace lost or stolen, damaged or broken parts or to reimburse Blue Star Bikes & Tours for said equipment. Therefore regardless of the party at fault, customer understands and agrees to be responsible for the damage to said equipment.
Subleasing Prohibited:
Customer understands and agrees that any subleasing or re-renting of rental equipment is prohibited and that any such sublease or re-renting shall immediately cause termination and cancellation of this contract.
Customer Liability:
Customer shall assume liability for any and all damage or loss to personal property, accident/injury to other persons related to said rental equipment.
Termination of Agreement:
Customer agrees that Blue Star Bikes & Tours has the right to terminate this agreement at any time and retake possession of said equipment
Late Return Fee:
An additional day's rental fee will be charged for each day customer keeps equipment after the return date and time specified on this contract.
Read below:
I agree that if I do not return the bicycle I am renting within 24 hours of it's due date & time., my credit card will be charged $550 as a replacement fee, in addition to the additional two day's rental fee. ($600 is alot of money!!!)

  • I agree to not ride or use rental equipment in any lake or river.
  • I agree to not change or substitute any parts on the bike.
  • I understand  that I should not clean the bike before returning it. 
  • I agree not to ride on trails that are closed or to trespass on posted land. 
I acknowledge full responsibility for my safety and agree that I will ride safely and responsibly. I understand that I am responsible for returning all equipment listed below and the cost of any lost or repaired gear will be charged to my credit card. 
Customer Signature: (Type Name) *
Date: *
This release essentially says that I know I am renting a bicycle, which is a vehicle used out of doors in dangerous situations and that the use of this bicycle requires my skill and ability to operate. I understand that I (or any minor on whose behalf I am signing this release) a operating this bicycle on my own, with no help or assistance from Blue Star Bicycle Shop.

If I die, get hurt, or damage my belongings, I will not make a claim, sure or expect Blue Star Bicycle Shop , its owners, operators, agents, employees and associates to be legally responsible or pay for any damages. 

I, undersigned, hereby acknowledge that I have voluntarily chosen to rent this bicycle from Blue Star Bicycle Shop. I know and fully understand that renting a bicycle constitutes an outdoor adventure activity will include inherent risks and hazards where serious accidents can occur, participants can die, sustain injuries and propoerty damage. I acknowledge and willingly assume all risks and hazards associated with the rental and use of this bicycle, including but not limited to , loss of control of the bicycle, collision with other bicycles, collision with other objects, collision with automobiles, rocks, other man made or natural obstacles whether they are obvious or not: submission in water, drowning, encounters with animals (such as but not limited to stray or leashed dogs), wildlife and insects, exposure to extreme temperatures and inclement weather, wilderness terrain and unavailbility of immediate medical attention in case of injury.

I understand that I may fall of off the bicycle I am renting from Blue Star Bicycle Shop- and I may get seriously hurt or even die as a result of that fall. I understand that I may become lost in San Antonio and if I do, that is my own responsiblity and no one else's. I understand that riding a bicycle is strenuous physical exercise and as such represents difficult and dangerous risks associated with my own bodily functions and conditions. My participation in this activity is purely voluntary and I elect to do so at my own risk. 

In consideration for Blue Star Bicycle Shop allowing me to rent this bicycle, I voluntarily agree to release, discharge and hold harmless Blue Star it's owners, officers, employees  River Authority and the State of Texas and private land owners for any and all claims of liabiity arising out of their negligence, recklessness, strict liability, breach of contract, or any other act or omission which causes the undersigned illness or injury, death and damages of any nature in any way connected with my rental of this bicycle or related equipment I also expressly agree to release and discharge Blue Star, it's owners, officers, agents and employees from any act or omission of negligence or by some other act or omission cause injury or damage.

As a parent or legal guardian of a person under 18 years of age who may be riding a bicycle rented from Blue Star Bicycle Shop., I have read and voluntarily agreed that the said minor may in fact operate the bicycle rented from Blue Star Bicycle Shop and I sign this release on their behalf. In addition, I give Blue Star Bicycle Shop, its owners, employees or associates permission to treat the said minor in case of illness, injury, emergency, or accident. Should emergency medical services become necessary, for the undersigned person or minor, the medical expenses are the sole respoonsiblity of the operator of the bicycle rented from Blue Star Bicycle Shop and not that of Blue Star Bicycle Shop.
Personal medical and travel insurance is strongly advised. 

Blue Star Bicycle Shop reserves the right to accept or deny service to any person. I hereby agree to follow all rules, regulations, and instructions of Blue Star Bicycle Shop and it's representative while operating this bicycle and related equipment. 

I also cerify that I and any minor, on whose behalf I am signing, are physically and mentally capable of operating this bicycle and related equipment.

I hereby agree that Blue Star Bicycle Shop, its owners, operators, agents, may use film or photographic records of this guided bicycle tour for its promotional and or commercial purposes. 

  • I have read this document
  • I understand that it is a release of all claims
  • I understand I am assuming all risks inherent with riding a bicycle on public streets as well as on public and private property.
  • I voluntarily sign my name as evidence of my acceptance of the above provisions.   
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