Understanding metrological traceability
This short questionnaire is intended to investigate the range of opinion on the often discussed subject of metrological traceability. It is not intended to obtain a 'correct' interpretation; rather, it seeks to establish how similar, or how different, our views are. In the short term this will help us to identify important differences in interpretation; in the longer term it will contribute to improved guidance.

The questionnaire provides a number of scenarios and asks which of a number of statements best matches your view. A small number of additional questions are asked to identify respondent categories.

The questionnaire should take 15-20 minutes to complete. You will be able to see a summary of responses at the end.

No personal information will be collected.

Note: Free text responses may be visible to other respondents after completing the survey. Please do not include identifying or confidential information in written responses

If you have difficulty completing the form, please email survey.support@eurachem.org

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