COVID-19 Emergency Child Care Staff Availability--ECE STAFF
Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and school closures, we are planning for emergency back-up child care for families losing care arrangements and for front line health care staff and critical infrastructure. We are keeping track of the staff and site locations available to support back-up child care. Thank you all for your continued teamwork!

Certain groups of people are at higher risk for COVID-19, please go here for more information:

The following community organizations are working together to plan emergency back-up care:
4Cs of Alameda County
Alameda County Early Care and Education Program
Alameda County Public Health Department
Alameda County Office of Education
Alameda County Social Services
First 5 Alameda County
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For questions about this form, please contact Anna at or 970-690-7104.
For questions about COVID-19, please contact Lisa at
For family and provider resources regarding COVID-19, visit
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