梅窩迷你市集 HUMBLE MARKET (15,16 May 2021) 申請表 Application Form
1.) 15 May 2021 (Saturday)
2.) 16 May 2021 (Sunday)

價錢 Participation Fee:
1.) $120/ 1 Day + 10% Sales Commission (室內枱 Indoor Table)
2.) $200 / 1 Day + 10% Sales Commission(室外枱 Outdoor Table)
3.) $240 / 2 Days + 10% Sales Commission(室內枱 Indoor Table)
4.) $400 / 2 Days + 10% Sales Commission(室外枱 Outdoor Table)

The organizer will collect 10% of sales revenue of each vendor at the end of the day.

*每個展區隨附0.6m x 0.6m之桌子一張;或1.2m x 0.6m的桌子半張;及椅子兩張,參展商必須自備枱布。
Table size: 0.6m x0.6m with 2 chairs. Please prepare your own table cloth.

Successful applicants will be informed by email 7-10 days before the market. Please make payment within 2 days to secure the spot.

時間 Time :10:30 - 17:30

地點:大嶼山梅窩涌口街19號地下 年豐 (銀礦灣酒店旁)
Venue: G/F 19 Chung Hau Street, Mui Wo, Lantau Island (Next to Silvermine Beach Resort)
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場地參考圖片Reference photo of the venue and set-up
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日期選擇(可選多項)Date (Multiple Choice Available) *
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1.) 大會會於每日市集結束後收取每個展區當日的10%銷售收入。
2.) 不提供電掣申請。
3.) 禁止使用任何座地擺設(包括衣架、易拉架),所有銷售品必需擺放於由大會提供之枱面上。
4.) 每個攤位不可多於2人駐場。
5.) 所有隨身物品必需置於大會提供之枱底及椅子之上,並請妥善保管所有個人財物及商品,一但有所遺失,大會恕不負責。
6.) 所有參加者(包括檔主及到場賓客)均必需遵守場地/商場內及政府當前之防疫規範。(包括要求在市集期間必需一直配戴口罩、出入指定地點時需要量度體溫等)
10.) 本公司可能於活動進行期間對各個參展區域進行拍攝及錄影作宣傳素材之用。
11.) 本公司所收集之個人資料,只會用於有關籌備The Humble Room主辦之活動,在未經同意下不會轉交第三者。
12.) 如任何申請者或參展商違反以上任何一項需知及條款,本公司有權取消其參與資格並不會作任何賠償。
13.) 以上條款如有修改,本公司將通知相關之申請者。
14.) 本公司保留所有爭議之最終決定權。

1. 每個展區隨附0.6m x 0.6m之桌子一張;或1.2m x 0.6m的桌子半張;及椅子兩張,參展商必須自備枱布。
2. 由於空間有限,每個展區不可多於2名駐場員工,亦不可使用任何座地擺設(包括衣架、易拉架、額外桌椅等)。
3. 未經本公司及場地供應商許可,嚴禁擅自取用場地設施,包括電掣等。
4. 參展商應確保所攜同之物品及商品之安全性,如因上述物品導致他人受傷,參展商需獨自承擔所有責任。
5. 參展商不可自行變更展區位展、或與其他參展商交換展區。
6. 參展商不應展示包含特價、促銷等字眼之手寫、電腦打印宣傳牌。
7. 請勿播放音樂或宣傳聲帶,亦請避免使用過強照明工具,以免對他人構成滋擾。
8. 請勿損壞本公司提供之活動設施 (包括桌、椅、裝飾用品等),如有損壞,需照價賠償。
9. 請勿以任何方式遮蓋展區原有之裝飾展板。
10. 請避免於展區範圍內飲食,並將隨身行李置於指定位置,以確保展區美觀整潔。
11. 嚴禁以任何方式阻塞活動場地通道。
12. 嚴禁於場地牆身、地板、柱身、欄杆等場地設施上使用任何黏貼物品,如有所污損,需照價賠償。
13. 所有參展商必需遵守場地供應商及法例需求的當前之防疫規範。

1.) The organizer will collect 10% of the sales revenue of each vendor at the end of each market day.
2.) No electricity plug is provided.
3.) It is forbidden to use any floor decorations (including hanger stands, pull-out racks), and all sales items must be placed on the table provided by the organizer.
4.) Each booth cannot sit more than 2 people.
5.) All personal belongings must be placed under the table and chairs provided by the organizer. Please take good care of all personal belongings and products. The organizer will not be responsible for any loss or damage.
6.) All participants (including stall owners and guests) must comply with the current epidemic prevention regulations in the venue. (Including the requirement to wear a mask at all times during the market, and to take body temperature when entering and leaving designated places, etc.)
7.) If the vendor decides to withdraw from the event due to personal or other reasons beyond the control of the organizer,  No refund and no re-scheduling will be made.
8.) Vendors are not allowed to change the date of participating in the event for any reason. The organizer will not issue a refund for this and will not compensate for any loss.
9.) The organizer may use the brand and product photos publicly released by vendors for promotional purposes.
10.) During the event, the organizer may take photos and videos of various exhibition areas for promotional materials.
11.) The personal data collected by the organizer will only be used for the preparation of events organized by The Humble Room and will not be passed on to third parties without consent.
12.) If any applicant or vendor violates any of the above notices and clauses, the company has the right to cancel its participation qualification and will not make any compensation.
13.) If the above terms are modified, the company will notify the relevant applicants.
14.) The company reserves the right of final decision on all disputes.

【Venue Facilities】
1. Each exhibition area comes with a table of 0.6m x 0.6m; or half a table of 1.2m x 0.6m; and two chairs. Vendors should bring their own tablecloths.
2. Due to the limited space, each exhibition area cannot have more than 2 resident staff, nor can it use any other seating or display arrangements (including hanger stands, pull-out racks, extra tables and chairs, etc.).
3. Without the permission of the organizer, unauthorized use of venue facilities, including electricity switches etc., is strictly prohibited.
4. Vendors shall ensure the safety of the items and products they bring. If the above items cause injury to others, the vendor shall bear all responsibilities alone.
5. Vendors are not allowed to change their booth positions or exchange booths with other participants.
6. Vendors should not display handwritten or computer-printed promotional signs containing special offers and promotions.
7. Do not play music or promotional soundtracks, and please avoid using excessively strong lighting to avoid nuisance to others.
8. Please do not damage the activity facilities (including tables, chairs, decorations, etc.) provided by our company. If there is any damage, compensation shall be made at the price.
9. Do not cover the original decorative panels in the exhibition area in any way.
10. Please avoid eating and drinking within the exhibition area, and place your carry-on luggage in a designated location to ensure that the exhibition area is beautiful and tidy.
11. It is strictly forbidden to block the passage of the venue in any way.
12. It is strictly forbidden to use any stickers on the walls, floors, columns, railings and other parts of the venue. If there is any damage, compensation shall be made at the price.
13. All vendors must abide by the current epidemic prevention regulations required by the venue supplier and legal requirements.
已經細閱、理解以上注意事項,並同意承諾於市集舉辦期間妥善遵守相關規範。 I have read and understood the above precautions, and agreed to promise to properly abide by the relevant regulations during the event. *
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