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This form is for beverage panels only. Contact us for information about Industrial Panel Repairs.
If you have any questions, please contact us at orders@mcdantim.com or call 1-888-735-5607
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Please locate the serial number of the blender. This is located in one of two spots. On the bottom of the panel near the inlets, usually in the following formats: G####, H####, ABC###, etc. On the blender body itself inside the panel, usually in the following format: ABC###. Please indicate if the serial number cannot be found.
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Indicate Blends by CO2% / N2% per blend. For example, Blend 1: 25% CO2 / 75% N2, Blend 2: 60% CO2 / 40% N2
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PO Number? Hose Barb Preference?
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