WLVN Community Grant Program
West Lakeview Neighbors’ mission is to improve the overall quality of life within our community. Money raised from membership fees and our annual street festival help fund improvement projects and neighborhood activities.

Please submit the form below if you are part of an organization interested in receiving a grant, or if you are a resident with an idea for a project we can fund in the community. We accept applications on a rolling basis until funds for the calendar year have been distributed. Contact info@wlvn.org if you have any questions.
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Please describe the event, program, or project for which you are seeking funds and explain how the funds would be used. *
What impact will this have in the WLVN boundaries? *
Boundaries are Racine to the east, Belmont to the south, Ravenswood to the west, and Irving Park (west of Ashland) or Addison (east of Ashland) to the north.
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What is the anticipated budget of the event/program/project? *
If necessary, what additional funding sources do you have? *
Will the project/program require ongoing funding after the grant? If so, how will the project be funded in the future?
What is the timeline for completion of this project/program? *
If the grant request is approved, WLVN may be listed as a sponsor or funding source, and the grantee will provide a statement of completion to verify the event/project/program has been completed. *
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