2019-2020 A & M Application Form
A & M Crew Members are leaders selected to help bridge communication between school leadership and the DHS Student Body. Members represent each of the DHS Core Values and are champions of our school.

A & M Crew Member Obligations include:
*Interest in leadership and communication with underclassmen
*Flexibility to participate 1-2 seminars per month.
*Availability to attend various school functions such as enrollment, Freshman Orientation Day, Parent-Teacher Conferences, etc.
*Ability to connect with peers at all levels.

2019-2020 A & M Nomination Form Due no later than March 22, 2019
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What grade will you be during the 2019-2020 school year?* *
Seniors, are you considering a shortened schedule for second semester?
Seniors, were you an A & M Crew Member last year?
Freshman Focus - Freshman Mentor
Expectations and Qualities of Freshman Mentors: Click here: https://bit.ly2IoweEG/

Were you a Freshman Mentor last year?
Would you be interested in participating as a Freshman Mentor next year? (please read the linked document above)
Why do you want to be a Freshman Mentor?
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Do you possess any additional skills that would be helpful to the Freshman Mentor program? (Computer Graphics, organization, detail oriented tasks, video editing, setting up events, etc.)
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Would you be interested in being a member of the Freshman Council?
A & M Crew Member Recommendation
Please provide 1 teacher recommendation for the A & M Crew Member Program: https://goo.gl/forms/Rwy1wFl4ShGeJG9K2 The recommendation is due by March 22, 2019
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