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Feral or Anthro or Humanoid? *
Pick what shape you want this design to have! Feral = Animal. Dog, fish, dragon, this is it! Humanoid = You want a person, basically. They can have ears, tails, and/or wings, but they will always look person-ish. Anthro = a mix of the two. Think Zootopia or the animate furniture from Beauty and the Beast.  
Got a gender identity/expression preference?
If you don't feel like this question is relevant to your design, just put down 'Artist's Choice'
Any thematic elements you want included? *
Like: Winter. or Deep Sea. Or Steampunk.
Any animals or features you want the design based on? *
If you're asking for a feralo or anthro this should be pretty obvious. Your answer can also apply to whatever the design wears. I.E. a humanoid wearing something base on a jellyfish.
Are there any accessories that should be included?
Does the design absolutely have to be wearing bracelets? Or maybe there has to be some form of weapon? Oh, I know! Candy! There should be candy EVERYWHERE!
Do you have any color palettes in mind?
You can write something like 'Gloomy' or 'Vibrant'. You can give me links to color palettes, or even to images that have the colors you want. Or you can say 'work with reds and golds'. Up to you.
What should I avoid?
Any cliche's I should steer clear of? What about colors? Perhaps your velociraptor, under no circumstances, should have plumage? This is where you tell me what the deal breakers for this design are.
I have read and understand the terms and conditions of this commission. *
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