Event application for Querq
Application for holding an event, workshop, party etc. at Querq's space. You can contact us at querq.events@gmail.com in case you have any further questions

⚠️ Make sure you read the Basic Introduction for Event Organisers before filling this form: http://bit.ly/event-organisers-guide ⚠️
Name of the event *
Preferred date
Preferred time
Description of the event *
Description of the organiser (if you are a member of Querq/Nurja please add your name here) *
Are you a member of the Querq/Nurja Community? *
Check boxes that apply to your event *
Names and basic info (phone, email) of the responsible organisers *
Account Number
We need this to be able to return the "cleaning deposit" after your event.
Estimated amount of participants (max.100ppl) *
Name and basic info (phone, email) of the person responsible for the after cleaning of the space *
Equipment preferred (we cannot guarantee all of the mentioned to be available)
Other wishes concerning the set-up of the space (like the space being empty, having chairs, etc.)
Nurja/Querq ry is used by workroom renters on a daily basis. They use their workrooms also during events. Please negotiate with your event handler if your event needs added privacy.
This may affect your rental price. The red space has curtains for visual privacy. Members & renters that are using our space are following our Safers Spaces Policy.
Will it be loud? (Relevant if the space is open to renters being present at the same time)
Clear selection
Would you like us to help you with marketing your event? *
Is the event non-profit or profit? *
Are you selling tickets to the event? If so, what do they cost? (This helps us negotiate the space rent amount)
My event intends to follow the Safer Space Policy of Querq (http://bit.ly/Nurja-Safer-Spaces) *
If your answer was "Yes" to the question above, how do you intend to take care of the space being safer? For example, "we have monitors in the space", "all the participants will read the Safer Spaces Policy" etc.
Do you need help with maintaining the space safer during your event? *
Other important notes / information
Thank you!
We'll be in touch with you shortly via e-mail, letting you know if we'll take your event in and if we have any further questions.
We'll also be making a suggestion for the space rent, depending on the nature of the event.

We're working on creating a public calendar, where you will be able to see what dates are available. Coming soon!

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How to prepare?

In case you want to market your event through our social media channels, please prepare some images and a description of the event. Help with graphic design is available from us.

Please come to the space beforehand in case you need to make changes to the space, as well as leave time afterwards to clean the space.

Actively communicate about when you'll be arriving to the space, so we can be sure there is someone here who can open the door for you.

Note, that after 17:00 on weekdays, and throughout weekends, the downstairs door is closed, and cannot be left open. Make sure that someone is downstairs to let people in to your event.
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