AIED & EDM 2017: Entry Visa for your Wuhan trip.
Hi there,

This is a form for us to generate an invitation letter for you to obtain an entry visa to China. After you submit the information, you will receive PDF invitation letter (sample: from the Educational Science Research Center (ESRC), Central China Normal University (CCNU).

If you also want to bring somebody else to China in the summer, please check the requirement for L visa (tourist visa). For some countries, visa service is outsourced to Chinese Visa Application Center ( Please check to see if this applies to your country.

If you prefer not to use this form. You may send an email to me (Xiangen Hu, or Dr. Tang ( with the same information in the form.

Your invitation letter (in the form of PDF) will be sent to you from official email address of ESRC (

-- Xiangen

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