2019 - John Hunter Excellence in Plotting contest
In memory of John Hunter, we are pleased to be reviving the SciPy John Hunter Excellence in Plotting Competition for 2019. This open competition aims to highlight the importance of data visualization to scientific progress and showcase the capabilities of open source software.

Entries may take the definition of “visualization” rather broadly. Entries may be, for example, a traditional printed plot, an interactive visualization for the web, or an animation.

Winners will be announced at Scipy 2019 in Austin, TX but participants do not need to attend the Scipy conference.

Entries must be submitted by June, 8th

Email address *
Author names *
Figure title *
Abstract: Description of the figure and its importance for a general scientific audience. Please discuss the information the visualization is intended to communicate and how the visualization achieves this task. (300 - 500 words) *
Please provide a rendering of the plot in a widely used format. This may be, for example, PDF for print, standalone HTML and Javascript for an interactive plot, or MPEG-4 for a video.(max 10Mb) *
Please provide the code to reproduce the plot, either as a Python file, Jupyter notebook, RStudio notebook, or some similar media. If the original data can not be shared for reasons of size or licensing, "fake" data may be substituted, along with an image of the plot using real data. *
If possible, please provide a link to a public repository (github, bitbucket) hosting the code to reproduce the plot.
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