CSSitters Event Sitter(s) Info Form:
For all event inquiries, please complete the form below. Once we receive your form we will contact you with questions and/or to schedule a call with our team. We will likely be able to provide a *preliminary cost estimate* based on the info completed on this first form, but we can/may adjust this number/cost based on information collected during an intake phone call.

If you are looking to get INFO FOR YOUR GUESTS (Package 1) to book their own childcare, and you are just doing the research for them, please complete this form instead --> https://forms.gle/4yfGUHTXUutK3ad69

* Please note, if you are a family/parent looking to book a sitter for a night in your hotel room please go back to the website and follow the HOTEL requests link page and book through our system.
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Event Specifics
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Start time should be when the children are anticipated to be dropped off with the sitters.
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End time should be when the event is over and children are expected to be picked up.
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Please give us a high and low estimate. We understand this may change - we want your best guess.
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Extra charges may apply for large groups.
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